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hi guys.. sorry for late update, Fiverr gigs no allow me see road.lolz...
straight to the point.
Open Fiverr Account (USA OR UK IP.....) see what a seller told me today about Nigerians on Fiverr ([12:55:43 PM] Thank you. This is crazy, but I must be honest with you. Every seller that I buy traffic here from Fiverr who is from Nigeria or Africa period has refused to deliver traffic to me when I paid.
Sometimes I wonder if some sellers are trying to make Fiverr look bad. I will order from you though. I do not like to take advantage of anyone. That is why I will not take "free" traffic from you. I want to pay you for what I need, and pay you well.

so you see the reason why we need a Good vpn to open UK or USA account??
2. Go to www . peopleperhour . com, search for a similar Gig as your and copy the sellers description, edit and use as yours.

3. open traffic, article, sign ups, graphics (if you can design) gigs

for the sake of quick order, i will brutalize traffic gig here... more info coming soon... make i deliver one order first lol...
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Re: Come And Learn New Tricks That Cashed Me Over $400 On Fiverr In 5weeks. FREE!! by chykez: 6:08pm On Oct 21, 2015
Am following you sir, carry on.
Re: Come And Learn New Tricks That Cashed Me Over $400 On Fiverr In 5weeks. FREE!! by Opiosko: 7:29pm On Oct 21, 2015
undecided Waka pass more chanji scaming
Re: Come And Learn New Tricks That Cashed Me Over $400 On Fiverr In 5weeks. FREE!! by chinoify: 7:34pm On Oct 21, 2015
pls ignore any typo... no time to cross check my writeups....

i will definitely offend some INTERNET so called ogas.. by giving out my softwares for free.... and also teach them what they dont know..
make we carry on.
After setting up a gig, if you like add video or you allow it... all join.
follow these steps.

1. cheap unlimited Internet connection, use betamint or simple server.... ie 70naira daily.. (una understand na?? dont want to go into details on this).
2. go to your dashboard where your fiverr name is, hover your mouse, on the drop down, select selling----Buyer request. click on it..
it displays list of to-dos by prospective customers.. select the ones you can do, even if you don't have the gig. thats why Fiverr created that custom offer option.

3. (my day one secret on fiverr) what you tell your customer matters alot... please dont say i dont have review yet bla bla bla... this was my secret.... after reading what the buyer wants, send this to him/her (hi there, i will offer a day/hrs free test for your Job, if its ok by you. then you order my gig.. what about that thanks in anticipation)
you can modify this to your own taste. this is it, most fiverr customers either like freebies or want to be sure you can handle there job.
before you exhaust your 10 offers, atleast 1 person will talk to you. (Got mine on the 3rd day on fiverr).

4. as a newbie on fiverr, you ought to be online always.... fiverr is a fulltime business, except for old hands that get repeat buyers... this my reason for staying online... Fiverr supplies buyer request at anytime... some gurus say 12midnite but from my experience this 5weeks, its not true... infact no specific time. so your work is keep refreshing... (get a back up power source preferably) the advantage is this, once fiverr post new request and you are quick to respond before those indian guys... theres every possibility the buy will reply you sharply and order.. this will also increase your response rate.

5. your consersation approach to the buyer matters alot... Here this sir... 'most repeat buyers will like to test your patience by giving you an almost imposible task for $5' bro/sis if you can do it, accept it. but inform them, you are doing it so he can order more next time.

6. ask all nessary questions to make sure both of you are on the same page. deliver even before your time elapses.

7. this method has helped me.... send fake but concise traffic (Referrals should be from facebook, twitter or google) to your gig.. this will give you alot of page views/impression. any buyer who searches for your tag or key words, will see your gig sharply and that is another potential sale coming. you dont have to order this gig from another seller, i will give you all the materials you need for this for FREEEEEEEE.

so you guys laterrrrr... we gonna be going into all it takkes to offer a traffic gig.............

please feel so so so so free to ask all your questions here.

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