Fiverr Solution : how to maintain visibility, traffic or simply stay competitive

Hello Fiverr Community,

Some persons in the forums and via messages have been wondering how to maintain visibility, traffic or simply stay competitive when they’ve not yet ranked on the first page of High Rating or possibly not yet a Level 2, Top Rated or featured seller.

One of the prominent methods if you’re not working as a team is to utilize the refresh always add-on/extension for Chrome or Firefox. The prominent one for Chrome is called “Super Auto Refresh” which can be found and added in about 30 seconds from a Google search. After installing this, it will allow you to choose a page/tab that you’d like to refresh every “custom” seconds/minutes you like; this will keep your Fiverr profile constantly ‘online’ as long as that PC remains connected to the internet (even while you sleep) to keep you in the search results when buyers hit “show online sellers”. Firefox has two good options, namely “Auto Refresh” and “ReloadEvery”. (Recommend only using if you’re a seller who responds to requests within a few hours, else it may do more harm than good for your rep).

The Fiverr App. This works pretty well in maintaining an ‘online’ status, so long as you are logged in on the app and keep it open.

Last but not least, if you work a 9-5 and pretty much consider Fiverr your evening/second job, Android devices/smartphones have apps that function the same as the items in the first point. Two of these are “Dolphin Tab Reload” and “Auto Refresh Web Page Utility” from the play store; others may be available from the Apple market, but one who uses an Apple device may research on that further.

On a lighter note, one may sit at their PC with coffee for Hours and literally browse Fiverr relentlessly, or hit F5 on their keyboard until the button pops out.

Have a great week! 

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