MT4 and MT5 Resources

You must first set permissions on MetaTrader's Options in order to allow access to that website. Go to the "Tools->Options" (or Ctrl+O) and then go to the "Expert Advisors" tab. At the very end of those options, to will find and have to enable the "Allow WebRequest for the listed URL:" and then proceed to add the URL of the site.

NB! Also, depending on the data being retrieved, you may need to use the 2nd version of WebRequest as the first one is only valid for form data (Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded).


HTTP API MT4 | MT4 Manager API JSON XML | MT4 Manager API


What you get with this Offer

The security code will be inserted to your expert advisor source code.
The security features are Password, Account Number, Account Name, Time Limitation.
Each can be activated separately by setting.
With these features, your EA will be protected/limited for a defined user.

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