Warning !!! Online Security Alert - Protected by HotIdentity.com

Warning !!!
Online Security Alert

Before you do any business online, ensure that the person or business is a Verified member of HotIdentity.com so that if he/she/they scam you, HotIdentity will fight for you.

They will pay back your money and pay you for damages.

#NoMoreOnlineScamming #BeSafeOnline

My Testimony

I Micheal Oko was scammed by one Isah Abdul of 360,000 naira that is an equivalent of $1000 in late 2019, Isah Abdul is not a verified member of HotIdentity, I couldn't trace him because I didn't pay via bank deposit and even if I had paid via bank deposit there are ways they use to cover up and your bank won't fight for you. That my lovely money ( 360, 000 naira ) is gone forever.
After that very sad experience a friend of mine, Atoe Cynthia introduced me to HotIdentity.com and Instructed me never to do business with anyone or company that is not a verified member of HotIdentity.

Since then, I have never been scammed. This is because every verified member of HotIdentity can be traced no matter where they run to in any part of the world or outside the world.

You see, You and I can stop online scamming in Africa.

Tell your family and friends that they are now safe online.

Life is Good
Be Hot...
Be Identified...

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