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The History of

In 1997, 3 friends were arguing on what makes a business really successful.

1. One said it is the availability of capital.
2. Another said it is the availability of information about the market.
3. The last one said it is customers.

They argued for over 11 years till 2008, they were no longer arguing since they've gathered a lot of information about business in general.

After their individual research they arrived at a common result.

What makes a business really successful is just one thing; the owner or owners of the business. This involves their readiness and ability to absorb and use information about the market. It also involves their readiness and ability to raise capital and manage available resources. It also involves their readiness and ability to get, serve and maintain customers.


Every Business Needs Acceleration.
This is when we start to consider third party influence like:

1. Investors
2. Government Grants
3. Loans
4. Media Promotion
5. Hand Bills, Posters and Banners
6. Newspapers
7. Television
8. Radio
9. ( The Internet )

The Internet

The Internet caught the attention of these 3 friends. But, Why ?
The Internet gives you access to both foreign and local investors and customers.

1. The internet can be well optimized to do all other things that can make a business really successful.
2. The internet helps you achieve more with less effort.
3. The internet saves you time.
4. The internet gives you access to unlimited resources.
5. The internet is arguably more secure than native approach.

They drafted a white paper for a project that solves the business needs of businesses without having any  limitation or whatsoever. By 8th of December, 2008, they were done.

On 23rd, January 2009, the 3 friends launched an online software which they called HotIdentity Network.

The first of its kind to provide the needs of small, medium and large scale businesses.

Since then HotIdentity have remained a blessing to all who cared about making money or solving problems.

If you are alive, a toddler, student, employed or unemployed you should be part of because you have nothing to lose.

We always love you !

#EradicatePoverty #EmpowerYou # #EmpowerAll

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