A Letter to the President and Governors in Nigeria and Beyond By: Obele Augustine

A Letter to the President and Governors in Nigeria and Beyond
By: Obele Augustine

Dear, President and Governors

I know you and I don't want inflation neither do we want people to die for a solvable problem.

The Covid19 pandemic has shown 3 things above others;

1. We are good people.
2. We are Hard Working people.
3. We are progressive and obedient people.

But, we are currently very hungry and insecure.

How do we remain positive and survive in this period ?
Is money really efficient ?
If yes, Is money really worth our lives?

I propose,

1. About ₦36,000 naira only be sent to account holders using the Bank Verification Number as a tracker.
2. About ₦36,000 naira only be given to families in remote areas without bank accounts using the local system of government.
3. A certain amount of money be sent to old age homes, motherless babies homes and helpless people institutions.
4. During and After this pandemic I would suggest every government review the value of paper money in our economy, if it can't solve our basic problems in difficult times, I think we need a better measure of value or additional common legal tender.

NOTE: ₦36,000 won't put too much money in circulation and hinder productivity since the average spending per day is about ₦1200 for families or individuals as the case may be.

I propose,

1. Lets print more money and inject into the economy.
2. After the pandemic; tax, electric bills, oil and gas (Fuel, Kerosine) among other ways can be used to balance the economy.

In Conclusion

I know my suggestions might not be professional or effective since I don't have accurate data of current statistics of thing.

Nigeria is my country, instead of sitting and insulting my dear leaders;
I believe good action or a detailed or crude suggestion is a better way to develop an efficient country.

NOTE: If things get out of hand you will have no people to lead, everyone big and small will suffer directly or indirectly from our ignorance and wickedness.

Wether you read it or not, I am happy I made my contribution and the years I spent in school are not in vain.

Thank you !
May whatever or whom ever you serve or what you believe in bless you ...

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