WA - Group Contacts Enhancement Offered by: Snurf Corp.

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Download all whatsapp phone numbers from chat, group, and also can find new group.
WhatsApp Group Contacts Enhancement is a chrome extension that add extra button to your web Whatsapp to get and download all numbers include name from your WhatsApp account and also with this you can find new group.

With this extension, you save a lot of your time and avoiding customer number errors, and finding a new group means finding a new customer.

✔ Find link Group in google.com and ask.com with keyword 
   - Need manual input first change "keyword" to targeted keyword
   - Change Region in Search Settings to targeted Region/Country
✔ Join all Group by your list
✔ Get all numbers from Contacts list
✔ Get all numbers from Chats list
✔ Get all numbers from Groups list
✔ Get list of your Groups
✔ One click to download contacts to Excel sheet (.csv) file

Try other product to sent meseg with easy way :


- Sent bulk or selected to your contacts list
,and more

WhatsApp are registered trademarks of respective companies in the U.S and other countries. This Chrome plugin is not endorsed, belong, relate or certified WhatsApp Inc. This is an unofficial enhancement for WhatsApp Web.

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*Works in Chrome browser and Vivaldi browser


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