How to use this little-known feature of Tradingview to pick coins for your trades

Most of you who have been trading crypto, stocks or forex are familiar with Trading View and you probably already use it for its fantastic charts. But it can be used for so much more than that. You can use it to send you alerts, to create your own automated trading strategies and so on…
But you can also use it to prescreen coins to pick your buys.
Let’s go to Trading View
  • 0:03 Start by going to the tab screener and select Cryptocurrency Signal Finder
  • 0:16 You can choose between tabs Performance/Oscillators and Trend Following
  • 0:21 Under Oscillators, for example, you can find settings related to TA indicators like MACD and RSI
  • 0:41 Under the tab Trend Following you find the SMA and BB indicators
  • 0:47 We go back to Overview and narrow our search down by filtering by Exchange in our case Binance
  • 1:04 Now we exclude everything except Strong Buy
  • 1:19 This reduces our list significantly
  • 1:34 Now you can pick which time frame you prefer 15 min to 1M
  • 1:35 You can set more Filters should you want to optimise it even further
  • 2:04 Once done you can set Alerts to notify you when the signal triggers your settings and receive a mail or SMS message
  • Example of a successful buy trade on the signal
Instead of picking the most active coins you could also select the coins with good fundamentals (read: good project) that have totally bottomed out and go for these coins that have more to the upside than downside. Or you can go for the most volatile coins….etc. You can really pick whatever suits your strategy.

Trading bots that make use of this TradingView feature to auto trade with:

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