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“Lets’ Build the largest free online school in our image and likeness”.

School as a whole is nice, although it requires one’s productive time, energy & comfort.

But what happens when you are helpless and need the right contact(s)?
What happens when you need to share or get accurate information or resources but lack the right source?

Then imagine you could share and get whatever information & academic materials you need, without stress & at your convenience, by simply using your phone or laptop or pc.

Imagine you could share or get access to the materials you would need from your first year to final year at any point in time even as a jambite, jupeb, part time or as a regular student.

At 4scholars you can upload & retrieve materials at your convenience.

At 4scholars you would be opportuned to meet & interact with students of other institutions.

4scholars is not just a social network, it is an educational revolution.

Lets stop the epidemic of scarce & expensive materials.

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