How to Withdraw Fiverr Funds Without Answering Security Questions

Fiverr recently introduced a new security feature which allows you to lock your account using a security question. While the security question can help secure your Fiverr account and lock out scammers, my personal experience with it has not been so cool and I'm sure a lot of people are going through same pain. 

Sometimes, the Fiverr security question gets buggy. For example, the system may sometimes ask you to provide your security question and the answer to it. This is not right as it is supposed to show your preset question while you provide the answer. 

In another case, the system may reject the answer to your question and insist it was wrong. This is the most crazy experience I've ever had on Fiverr as it makes you feel silly and frustrated. 


As far as Fiverr is concerned, I highly recommend that you avoid setting any security questions for your Fiverr account. But if you insist and later get into trouble, here are some tips to help you resolve issues with Fiverr security question or walk around it. 


If you run into trouble with your security question the only way to resolve it is to contact Fiverr's customer service. But you should only do that if you have a verifiable identity. For example, don't worry about contacting Fiverr if you are an Indian but using VPN to access Fiverr as though you were in USA. This is because they would request your US identity card before resetting your security question. 

In a case where you provide an Indian identity card for a US Fiverr account, your account would be deported to India. Lol. 


The main reason you would need your security answer on Fiverr is during withdrawals and also password change. So supposing you forgot your security answer or perhaps Fiverr's system claims that you forgot your security answer, here are some ways to withdraw your funds. 

1. PayPal Withdrawal :
You can withdraw your Fiverr funds via PayPal without answering any security questions. All you need to do is to add a PayPal email to your Fiverr account and your money will go into that account each time you click on PayPal from the Revenue page. 

Please note that you will be asked to provide your security answer is anytime you try changing the PayPal email linked to your Fiverr account. I recommend you don't use the primary email address of your PayPal account. Use a secondary email so that even if PayPal bans your account in future you will just need to unlink and add the same email address to another PayPal account. And would have no need to change the email on Fiverr. 

2. Use your funds to order gigs :
I have tried this before and I can tell you that it's not a funny experience. If you are not able or willing to use PayPal you can use your Fiverr funds to order gigs in exchange for cash. The problem with this method is that you will be losing another 20% of your earnings to Fiverr because the person whose gig you are ordering for cash would want you to cover Fiverr's 20% commission. 

I hope this helps. Please don't forget to leave a comment and to also share this post. 

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