My get help at MMM is taking too long - Solution

Send a message  to support under :

My account was hacked/stolen

Title: Please help

Message: My account was compromised. What should I do?

Then wait for a reply which should come like this:

Hello. CRO needs to verify your account.
Change the password from the office and scan your PC for viruses!, and then send the documents.

Please, attach here, the following documents:
1. screenshot (photo ) the voter card card (in a good quality!!)
2. The bank statement (in a good quality!!). The name and account number must be readable.
3. Your photo a passport (ID) in hands (in a good quality!!). We need your photo where you stand and hold your passport certifying citizenship in hand.
Also you need to change the email. Write your old and new email here .
Note: Your new login for your MMM account will be also changed to your new e-mail.

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