What To Do Before And After Your PH Request. - Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox

POST - PH: (Important)

From experience, waiting period for a PH is usually from 0-35days, meaning from the day you made request to provide help, your money starts to grow by 30% in MAVRO(1% daily). I advice you log in to your PO at least once a day to know when your order is matched and ready for payment, please don't panic, be patience and wait, your PH order will surely arrive.

Example of an order created.


When your order comes, you will receive a message from your Guider and/or from the recipient of the payment.
You will get his/her bank details to make your payment. Another thing interesting is that your guiders telephone, recipients telephone, i mean everything possible to reach the person you are sending to will be provided.

When your Order is created, call the receiver on the other side and tell him/her why you called...
"you're a participant of MMM nigeria, what is his name to be sure, that you were asked to pay bla bla bla" then you head to the bank, remember time will be running and if you didn't make the payment before the time elapse you might get banned - usually 72hours(3days), that's enough time to make your payment.

If your order falls in between the weekend or you ran out of time, contact the recipient and pleed for extension of time to 24hours so you can meet up, never fail to make your payment, else your account will be removed/banned.

Don't just go and provide help when you don't have the money available

After you must have completed your payment(remember to work with time), call the recipient again and comfirm if he/she has received the payment, if your recipients number does not go through, call the guider.

Now, head home and log in to your account/ mmmoffice, click on the Order Batch, you'll find instruction on what to do next there, just click on i have made this payment and proceed with uploading the payment proof for confirmation.

Example of proof.

After uploading the payment, click on Next twice.
Now your Mavro turns blue(half confirmed), you need to call the recipient to confirm the payment at his own end and it Marks confirmed.

Congratulations! Click on Mavro tab to see how your money grows by date, it's not magic, you just made it happen!

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