UNN Call for Nominations of Deserving Staff for the University of Nigeria Excellent Performance Awards 2016


The university of Nigeria administration has instituted the above awards for its deserving staff. This is to inform all our stakeholders of this excellent development in the institution and enjoin all Deans, Directors, Heads of Academic/Administrative Departments and interested individual staff members to submit nominations in line with the instructions below (see Serial No. iv), to The Chairman, University of Nigeria Excellent Performance Award Committee, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), on or before 23 September 2016. All nominations should be enclosed in sealed envelopes and marked “Excellent Performance Award 2016”.
i.    Categories of Award
1.    Academic Staff Category – Professorial and Non-Professorial cadres
2.    Non-Academic Staff Category – Senior and Junior Staff
ii.    Number of Recipients for Each Category
1.    Academic Staff – Four Awards: Two for Professorial cadre and two for Non- Professorial cadre.
2.    Non-Academic Staff – Four Awards: Two for Senior Staff and two for Junior Staff

iii.    Nominations of Potential Awardees

Selection by the Committee shall be from the following sources:
1.    Individual applications to the Committee by staff.
2.    Recommendations by the Deans, Directors and Heads of Academic/ Administrative Department of qualified staff, who did not apply on their own.
iv.    Criteria for Nomination of Deserving Staff
1.    Academic Staff Category
*    Brief biographic citation of nominee (100 words)
*    Teaching (Information presented in the course, Quality of assessment of students; Availability to students; Timely completion of lectures; Early release of results; Overall relationship with students; and ICT orientation) (30 marks).
*    Research Output (Cutting edge work; Innovation; Discovery; Publications that add to the visibility of the University) (50 marks). NOTE:  The acceptable research output should be published within two years of the year for the Award’s. However, for the commencement year of 2016, publications for the past five years will be acceptable.
*    Attendance/Presentation of Papers at International Conferences (10 marks).
*    Mentorship of Students/Young Lecturers (10 marks).
2.    Non-Academic Staff Category
*    Brief biographic citation of nominee (100 words)
*    Punctuality/Regularity to duty
*    Timely completion of assigned responsibility
*    Quality of work output
*    Commitment to duty
*    Integrity
*    Discipline
*    Creativity
*    Innovation
*    ICT orientation
*    Relationship with fellow staff and customers

v.    Scoring Style
Marks shall be earned on the basis of the quality and relevance of the facts/stories explaining each empirical referent for the two categories of the Award. In other words, what the nominees had actually done will really be used to evaluate them. The scoring will be evidence – based.

vi.    Prizes for Each Awardee
i.    A well designed certificate of very high quality
ii.    Cash award of not less than two hundred thousand naira (N200,000.00)
vii.    Frequency of the Awards
The award shall be an annual event, normally during the Founders’ Day celebrations
viii.    Scoring Modalities

1.    Academic Staff Category
a.    The scoring shall be weighted as follows:
•    Excellent         (4 marks)
•    Very Adequate    (3 marks)
•    Adequate        (2 marks)
•    Fairly Adequate  (1 mark)
•    Inadequate         (No mark)

b. Each score obtained by a Nominee will then be multiplied by the accompanying value in   each item in the assessment format below to get the mark attained.
(A)  Teaching (30 marks) (i)  Information presented in the course
·   Course outline                      (0.5)
Very Adequate (3) Adequate
Fairly Adequate (1) Inadequate
·   Currency of Information     (0.5)          
·   Recommended textbooks  (0.25)          
(ii)  Quality of assessment of students ·   Question papers                 (0.5)

·   Marking scheme                (0.5)

·   Continuous assessment    (0.25)

(iii)  Availability to students ·   Punctuality/Regular attendance to lecture     (0.5)

·   Utilization of lecture time period (0.5)

·      General audience to student(0.25)

(iv) Timely completion of lecture ·   Prompt commencement of lecture (0.5)

·         Adherence to lecture time table                                  (0.5) ·         Coverage of course content   (0.25) Excellent
Very Adequate (3) Adequate
Fairly Adequate (1) Inadequate
(v)  Early release of result ·         Timely marking of scripts (0.5)

·         Prompt completion of results (0.5)

·         Quick submission of results  (0.25)

(vi) ICT Orientation ·         Power point delivery of lectures (0.25)

·         Online delivery of assignment(0.5)

·         Recommendation of online materials                             (0.25)

B.  Research output (one publication/Exhibition only required) (50 marks) ·         Google citation                     (5)          
·         Quality of publisher             (5)          
·         Quality of publication          (2.5)          
C.  Attendance/presentation at International Conference (only one conference required) (10 marks) ·         Scope of Conference             (1)

·         Relevance to area of specialization (1)

·         Quality of paper presented  (0.5)

D.  Mentorship of students/young lecturers (10 marks) ·         Quality of PG students produced (earned an award, prizes, & scholarship )                             (1)
·         Facilitation of student exchange programme                              (1)

·         Exposure to International Conference                        (0.5)

2.    Non-academic staff category
The recommendations for each nominee under this category shall be evidence-based. The entire Committee shall be involved in the scoring of non-academic staff on the basis of 1-10 scale points as follows. It is to be noted that the scoring will be on the grounds of the quality of the story (evidence) that accompanies each of the items.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
1. Punctuality/Regularity to duty

2. Timely completion of assigned duty

3. Quality of work output

4. Commitment to duty

5. Integrity

6. Discipline

7. Creativity

8. Innovation

9. ICT Orientation

10. Relationship with fellow staff and customer

Professor Charles A. Igwe
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration),
Chairman, University of Nigeria Excellent Performance Award Committee

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