Top free cron jobs providers

If you own a site on a host that does not support the use of cron jobs, like ipage .  Here is a list of place you can create schedule tasks .

- SetCronJob -
You can create up to 10 cron jobs, running up to every five minutes. When the time matches your criteria, SetCronJob will call the URL given (script in PHP, ASP, JSP, etc, backup your files, databases, clear temporary files, send newsletters, etc).

- OnlineCronJobs -
The purpose of this website is to allow website administrators without cronjob service on their own host, run cronjobs.

- CronMe -
Free web cron service is that enables you to setup your own crontabs with web interface and lets you to execute any URL on specified time/date.

- -
The easy way to execute automatic tasks on your website.

- CronLess -
Cronless is a free cron job service. We provide free access to a simulated linux cron job, it does the same thing, just in a safer and easier method.

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