Top 10 Wapscripts That Will Help You to Start a Mobile Site

top 10 wapscripts


Now there is a lot of CMS available on the internet to create an own mobile site. CMS which helps to create a mobile downloading site, forum, blogs, etc. Here on this article, I am going to list some of the best CMS which helps us to create a mobile site.

Master-Land Auto-Index Script:

Master-Land script owned by one of the famous webmaster discussion forum. You can found it on Google search engine by searching "Master-Land." They developed the script to help mobile site builders to create an own mobile downloading site. It is very easy to create a site with Master-Land because everything made easier.

Next Auto-Index Script: 

Next Auto index script was the reborn Master-Land auto index script. Master-land script has less functionality and plugins. But in the reborn, it has a lot of functions and plugins such as SEO Plugins. Player plugins, Etc.

DJMole Auto-Index Script: 

Djmole was the first modified version of Auto index script. A lot of mobile sites builders have used this script to run mobile site. According to Master-land and Next Auto Index Script, this script was very hard to modify its design and coding. 

JohnCMS Script for Forums: 

This CMS will help users to create a fully functional forum with in three steps. The main advantage of this script was, it's complete design was conceived for mobile view. 

Youtube Like CMS Script:

Youtube Like CMS Script was developed by as a free open-source script. The script was complete looks like Youtube, but you can change its style and color quickly. If you want to create a mobile site like Youtube, then use this script.

Opencric Live Cricket Score Portal: 

ThisCMS Script will allow you to start own Live Cricket Score mobile site. You don't have to update the score of the page. It will update the score automatically by using API.
I will update this page with new wapscripts on the coming days. So visit this page whenever you have time.

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