Top 10 of the best power banks in 2016

Power banks are now considered a must have utility for anyone who use gadgets regularly. Either you are on the road, field work or travelling, power banks give you the flexibility of charging your gadget when you don’t have the option to plug-into AC power. Anyone with a gadget that can be charged using a USB charger can benefit from using a Power bank.
There are so many good branded power bank in market today. It is difficult to find the best power bank brand from the list. Here is a list of 10 of the best power banks in 2016.
  1. RAVPower 20100mAh Power Bank
best power bank brand
This is the first Portable Power Charger with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 is capable of charging 80% of QC 2.0 and 3.0 certified device in about 35 minutes.
The Power bank looks heavy and long, but is surprisingly lighter than other models in the same category.
Charging the Power bank fully might take long time, maybe an overnight. But then it holds so much charge and it lasts longer. The manufacturers claim it can charge iPhone 6 almost 8 times, Samsung S6 5 times and iPad Air couple of times.
The device is charged internally through a MicroUSB slot. For output, there is a USB Type-C slot for future proofing the device, a Quick charger for charging Qualcomm certified devices and a regular USB 2.4 slot for charging normal devices.
The power bank is also protected against any power overload or short circuits. The charger immediately shut down on its own to protect the connected device.
There are 4 LED’s to indicate the current charge level.
  1. Anker Power Core 20100mAh
best power bank brand
This is from Anker, one of the leading USB charging brand in America.
The design is slim, but it is heavy as the manufacturer described, weighs almost a can of soup. You need to consider that it carries 20000mAh which means more large batteries. This one is ideal for people who carry need to charge bigger gadgets frequently. But this is not the idea one if you are looking for always carrying in your pocket.
Anker is very big when it comes to Ultra-High Capacity power storage. The manufacturer boasts about charging iPhone 6 times fully, S6 5 times and iPad Mini twice.
Anker Astro E3 use PowerIQ technology. PowerIQ technology automatically detects the type of device that is connected and decide the most efficient and fastest way to charge the device. This means the power bank speeds up the charging process.
Another technology is VoltageBoost. This provide increased amps to the power ports which in turn help the gadget to draw more power reducing the time needed to completely recharge.
There are 2 USB slots for output and micro USB slot for input. There are 4LED lights for power indicator.
  1. Zendure A2 16750mAh
best power bank brand
Zendure A2 is solid built and very compact. It looks like a suit case with rubber grip wedged to the sides to give a solid grip. The casing is extremely durable. It is crush proof and drop proof.
Zendure A2 is powered by a Lithium Ion battery and controller. The quality that makes Zendure on top of this list is the presence of a good controller. Zendure gave special attention in developing a controller which is specially designed for delivering optimum power and with the highest rate of efficiency.
Note: The quality of controller is very important. You may get a 10,000 – 15,000 mAh Power bank from a cheaper brand for the same price. But it ends up delivering the same power as of 6700mAh
Adding to this, Zendure use some of the best batteries in business. The battery used is expensive, but it also makes sure that the charge stays longer periods without drainage, provide optimal power and more safe compared to cheaper batteries. It takes almost 3hrs for laptops, 2hr for tablets and less than an hr for smartphones.
For charging, it uses a micro USB slot for input and use a USB slot to output.
It comes with 12 month warranty
  1. Anker Astro E3 10000mAh
best power bank brand
This is the second entry for Anker. This is a second generation power bank.
This power bank design looks almost like a smartphone. It is almost the same size, but it thicker on the sides. Overall, it is very compact for a device which is carrying so much power.
There are 2 USB ports for output – one for Android and one for iPhone. There are 4 LED indicators.
Anker Astro E3 also uses PowerIQ technology which means charging the device happens very fast in this model.
The power bank is Ultra-High capacity. The manufacturer boast about charging S5 2.5 times, iPhone 4.5 times and smartphones multiple times. Even though the charging happens fast, it takes 6hrs for fully charging the power bank.
This comes with 18 months warranty.
  1. Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 15,000mAh Power Bank
best power bank brand
The battery is slim, flat surface with mat finish top and the battery is reasonably long. Surely, not the type you can comfortably carry in your pocket, but can easily fit into your backpack.
This model is Qualcomm certified which means it supports turbo charging.
There are two output USB ports one providing 1 amp and the other 2 amp. The Input MicroUSB is only 1 amp which means the power bank takes some time to get fully charged. But charging your smartphones and gadgets are faster in this model especially a Qualcomm certified quick charging device. It boasts about 75% faster than the original charger.
Warranty is for 18 months.
  1. Vinsic 20,000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank
best power bank brand
The casing is bigger and heavier than other power banks, but it is so slim that you can carry it almost like a tablet. The curved edges adds an additional layer of beauty. This might be the most beautiful of all the power banks in this list.
There are 2 USB port for charging devices and MicroUSB for inputting charge. One USB is 2 amp and the other 1 amp.
The power bank also provide protection against over voltage, over charging, over discharge and short circuit.
Another unique feature is most models have a 4 LED’s to indicate the charge inside. This one comes with a digital reading which accurately show how much power is left in the power bank.
The power bank comes with two USB ports for charging 2 devices simultaneously.
  1. Jackery Giant+ Premium 12000 mAh Power Bank
best power bank brand
The case comes in a very nice looking metal enclosure.
The output is using 2 USB ports, one a 1amp and the other 2 amp.
There are 3 LED indicators. If only 1 LED is on, the charge remaining is less than 33%. If 2 LED’s are turned on, the charge remaining is between 33 and 66%. If 3 LED’s are on, the charge is between 66 and 100%.
This model can charge your iPhone 5 four times, S4 2.5 times, iPad mini 1.5 times.
The model come with an 18 month warranty.
  1. Xiaomi 10000mAh
best power bank brand
This might be the smallest casing that I have seen for a power bank which carries this much power. It comes in a small aluminium casing
It carries a MicroUSB slot for input charge and an USB port for output. The charge on the device is indicated using 4 LED. The type of battery used is Lithium-ion battery.
The model also use lot of safety measures. The chipset is protected by a 9 layer circuit protection designed by Texas instrument. It also automatically adjusts output level based on the type of connected device to provide upto 93% conversion rate.
  1. Limefuel Waterproof 15000mAh Power Bank
best power bank brand
Limefuel Waterproof power bank is rugged version of all models. This is the one suited for the adventurous and careless handlers. It is completely crash, shock, vibration and dust proof. The casing is big and thicker. It is easy to carry around but not the type that comfortably fits inside your pocket.
This model also carries a digital indicator other than 4 LED’s to indicate the charge left in the power bank. But it only shows charge indicator levels at 25% intervals. Any reading in between such as 30% will be shown as 25%.
The model comes with 2 USB ports for charging devices. There are no microUSB slots for charging, normal USB is used instead. It takes almost 7hrs to fully charge the power bank.
  1. KMASHI 10000mAh External Battery Power Bank
best power bank brand
Kmashi is one of the stylish looking in the list. The case is a solid one which is as long as the palm of your hand. The surface is flat and sleek design, and it is not that heavy compared to most of the models listed here.
There are 2 USB slots for charging the external battery. The microUSB is used to power the gadgets. The USB output, one provide 2 amp and the other 1 amp. Most of the latest smartphones support charging using a 2 amp port, but charging an old phone with 2 amp port may reduce the quality of battery life because of voltage problems.
Charging the power bank is faster compared to most of the other models.
The charger also have an intelligent power manage IC which provides protection against short circuits and power surges.
There is also 4 LED’s indicating the power left inside the device.
This is one of the least priced model and the most value for money in this list.

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