The financial crisis is a strategy to destroy social policy

The financial crisis is a strategy to destroy social policy
The crisis is a deliberate strategy to destroy social policy, starting with the weakest country. The world is currently in a deep crisis, from chaos comes order the New World Order. The Illuminati wants us to believe that while the neoliberal growth model is the only possible way.
The Portuguese sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos of the University of Coimbra shattered that myth and travels around the world to build an epistemology of alternatives.
Democracy in Europe is being phased out in the name of the crisis. A crisis which is represented as a debt crisis of the sovereign states, but which in fact is a financial crisis of a system that is completely kleptocratic and criminal, says Sousa. A crisis caused by a deregulated financial capital which speculates with the misery of the people. The more countries go bankrupt, the more this system enriched themselves.
He explains that the pact between democracy and capitalism since the fall of the Wall has been broken. Capitalism today shows his true nature, which is destructive: it destroys people’s rights, their future prospects, the nature and this only with the aim to make more profits.

New glasses

In politics, everything is for sale and lobby groups put democracy under pressure. According to Sousa, this is the end of democracy as we have known it until now. He says that there are numerous forms of resistance against this system, but that the media give it very little publicity. Often working with local alternatives, but because they have no visibility, it is thought that it doesn’t exist.
De Sousa thinks we should start working on a different kind of knowledge, knowledge that lives outside the universities and research institutions. Which today are standardized so that is taught the same everywhere.
According to him, we need to look through a new pair of glasses. The way they handled the Greek crisis, for example, shows little creativity. There dominates a very unilateral market-oriented vision. De Sousa works with people from Greece to come to a Mediterranean bloc, this also includes Tunisia to formulate an alternative to unilateral European policy.

Goldman Sachs

Privatisation becomes ever more prevalent and it starts with the weakest, in this case Greece. That trend will continue, according to the Sousa in France, Germany and the countries of Northern Europe. This provoked a crisis and Europe has plenty of grip on it, he says.
Most European politicians know very well what they are doing. Barroso was well aware of the line that he defended, like Juncker. They will be rewarded for it so beautifully in synch. The US has also used Europe to implement this model. The European Central Bank (ECB) under the control of the financial capital. The big names Mario Monti, Mario Draghi and Victor Halberstadt all come from Goldman Sachs.
The crisis is a deliberate strategy to destroy social policy, starting with the weakest country. If Europe really was a political and economic union, then the problem would not exist Greece. Greece represents only two percent of the euro economy. But Germany wants to save its own banks, especially the Deutsche Bank, which previously offered money to Portugal, Spain and Greece for buying German cars, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Audi.


In the hegemonic globalization of the dominant forces you see a distribution since the arrival of BRICS. These ensure that the dynamic axis today is shifting from the West to the East, and that is according to Sousa cause serious conflicts, conflicts that are already in the making. The US is out to destroy the emerging economies.
USA has given Europe a serious slap inflicted by the crisis in Ukraine, which is completely provoked to hit Russia. The halving of oil prices is part of this. Hitting China directly is difficult, but they can find suppliers of China, some countries in South America. In Argentina, they want to push the government cup under the case Nisman, the public prosecutor has been found dead and wanted to present in Parliament documents that would prove that President Kirchner is the perpetrator of an attack. In return, Argentina would receive Iranian oil.
Brazil also needs to be curbed. There are two things that the US is an eyesore: the oil reserves of présal that Brazil wants to keep under its own management and do not wants to privatize. And because Brazil and the BRICS are working on an alternative bank.

Numerous alternatives

If we destroy all diversity and use our power to always push through our position and imposing, with a vision that is focused only on the market and a neoliberal model, it means war guaranteed according to Sousa.
There is another way, there are numerous alternative present, in India, Asia, South America and Africa. You should only make them visible.

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