The Best Tutorial Contest: How to Promote MMM Online

MMM Nigeria is growing fast thanks to the current members who are actively inviting new people to our Community.
There are a plenty of successful strategies and methods how to invite online. And we want to encourage our participants to share their experience in online marketing with each other.
That’s why we announce the contest on the best tutorial on promoting MMM online. A person who wants to partake in this contest should record a video where he will explain how to invite people online. This video-tutorial should be addressed to a common member of MMM Nigeria. It should be understandable and useful for everyone. Besides that, you should create a google document (or spreadsheet) where you will describe and explain your methods and suggestions in a written form. A contestant can also provide the link to a google folder with additional promotional materials.
The contestants are free to choose platforms they will present in the tutorial. These platforms can be social networks, forums, messengers, classified and video-sharing websites. Meanwhile, it is better if your tutorial will contain advises for the best popular platforms too (Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc).
Winners will receive prizes:
  • First prize is 400 000 NGN
  • Second prize is 200 000 NGN
  • Third prize is 100 000 NGN
The contest lasts from the moment of its announcement up to the 21st of August. If you submit your materials after the deadline, they will not be considered.
If you want to partake and win, please fill in the submission form below:
Together we shall overcome!

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