SQLmap - Most Powerful SQL Injection Tool

SQLmap is much better than Havij or any other program-related SQLi tool. It is strictly not for GUI-noobs, even though, I have no idea why people struggle with the program even after learning the commands.

You must have Python installed which you can find on their site.


You must get the 2.7 or 2.6 version to make the SQLmap work.

SQLmap here: http://sqlmap.org/

A Quick How to Use:

1. Extract and move SQLmap to your documents folder and rename it to "sqlmap"

2. Open CMD.

3. Type "cd documents"

4. Type "cd sqlmap"

5. Then type "sqlmap -u sitehere --dbs"

That will extract all the dbs on the site.

You will find more documentation and help through typing "-h or -hh"

Nice tutorial but if you're on Windows be sure to use:

python ./sqlmap.py -u URL here --dbs

Otherwise good job Ultimatum!

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