Set favorite song as ringtone in Windows Phone

set song as ringtone in windows phone
Who don’t like to have their favourite song set as ringtone? Everybody does it as the procedure is simple and straight forward. We all have done it in the past on other phones. Keep pressing the song continuously which opens a windows containing all the options available for that song. One of the option will be to “set the song as ringtone”. Set it and now you will have the song playing when your phone ring.
I was expecting a simple and straight forward procedure on Windows phone. It is easy to set the inbuilt ringtones as ringtone, but not for the downloaded ringtones and favourite songs. Its not complicated, but nuisance as you have some additional steps to complete the procedure. Windows should have made it simple. Hopefully Microsoft should fix this in their future versions.

Set ringtone in Windows Phone 8.1

  • Go to Phone Settings
  • Go to ringtones + sounds
  • Click on the currently set ringtone name. This will give you a default set of ringtone options from Windows Phone and Nokia.
  • Select the tone of your choice

How to put song as ringtone on Windows Phone

  • Connect your phone to PC
  • Open the Windows Phone folder -> Ringtones
    windows phone 8.1 ringtone
  • Now copy your favorite song to Ringtones folder
    windows phone 8.1 ringtone
  • Restart Windows Phone. (I got the custom option for changing ringtone only after restarting the phone.)
  • Go to phone settings
  • Go to ringtones + sounds
    windows phone 8.1 ringtone
  • You may notice that there is a new option Custom on the top. The song that you copied to ringtones folder will be displayed there
    windows phone 8.1 ringtone
  • Select the song of your choice as ringtone.
This is how to use a song as a ringtone on windows phone

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