Selected rather than elected: Rothschild organizes expensive dinner for Hillary Clinton

Rothschild organizes expensive dinner for Hillary Clinton
Politicians today are little more than walking billboards for large corporations. The US presidential elections are seen as a form of entertainment. From a large-scale survey shows by a research center that most voters of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have a high opinion.
Two political scientists demonstrated in 2014 already that in the US no one represents the interests of the poor. The ordinary citizen in America hardly have any influence on political decisions. According to the scientists, the US has changed from a democracy into an oligarchy.
Theodore Roosevelt, the 29th president of the US, said the governors are selected rather than elected, and that behind our government lurks an invisible government which is not accountable to the people.

In control

Journalist Abby Martin of the South American broadcaster Telesur, explains in the video below that Hillary Clinton’s first choice of large corporations to keep the American empire running. Her political machine funded by among others the big banks on Wall Street.
It’s no secret that Hillary is supported by those who hold the power over money. A good example is a dinner recently for her was organized by the Rothschild family.
For $100,000 people could join the home of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent businesswoman from New York. The bankers family is accused for pulling the strings behind the scenes through their grip on different economic systems in the world.

The System is Corrupt

Previously revealed by WikiLeaks leaked emails that Clinton is a good friend of Lynn Forester de Rothschild. During the presidential campaign, candidate Bernie Sanders said on several occasions that the system is corrupt and it turns out he’s right.
The party leadership was in May, when the primaries were still in full swing, already decided that Clinton had to win the nomination and that her opposition candidate had to be opposed by all means. WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange meanwhile promises for more fireworks.

Hillary Clinton

Watch the video below “Documents George W. Bush about Skull and Bones released soon,” where i predicted since May 15 she will become the president and why. People considered me as the crazy conspiracy theorist.

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