If you are a beginner and you do not understand yet a lot! (We sure it does not clear everything. :-)) Minimize the checkout process with the System!
How does it work? Easy and simple. You bring the money and they are growing at a rate from 30% to 50% per month. It depends on a deposit type. You may withdraw at any moment. Even all. No restrictions. Neither on terms nor on the amounts.
(It is up to you. Where you can get such percent? By the way 30% per month means that you’ll receive per month the same amount of money that you’ll get in bank after 3 years. :-))
You don’t do anything: don’t bustle about it, find new members and so on. (But this is appreciated :-)) You may lay down on your sofa and spit at the ceiling.
That is it. This is all the information.  
(By the way percent is very difficult. Progressive. For example 30% per month in MMM this is not a 360% per year as many other experts and journalists decided, when they multiply 30 to 12 :-)). It means that your money will grow up in 23.3 times in one year. That is.
Months                      1           2         3          4         5           6          7           8           9          10          11         12 
                     30%   1,30     1,69     2,20     2,86     3,71     4,83     6,27      8,16     10,60     13,79     17,92     23,30 
                     50% − Your deposit will grow after three month by 3,375 times! 
We also have a big amount of tasty things: bonuses and awards which will be credited to you for any action. (20-100$ for the registration, for the new attracted 10% from the each deposit, for video recording about prize – 5%  from the withdrawal sum and so on.) “Lottery” free which is held on Wednesdays every week and so on. But you will read this all in rules. (You will see them further on the page. :-))
In your VA (Virtual account, which you will enter after the registration) the currency is not INR, RUR, EUR or USD, NGN it is MAVRO. It is “toy” currency, not real :-)) It was made to show that we don’t carry an illegal banking activity. And MAVRO is nothing; it is wrapper – what is illegal banking activity? What are you talking about? :-))
What else? We are also asked about such big growth rates. Where do we take money? Answer: only because of the new ones! And there is nothing else. Absolutely! No other activity, investments and anything else. (What activity will give us such money? :-)) It is a pyramid as it is. Did you read the WARNING at the beginning? So-so! :-)) So it is up to you, if you need it or not. (I think that you don’t.  Money is evil. :-))
There is no one general account where all the money of the system will be gathered (and where then they can be stolen easy :-)). All the money is only on the bank accounts of the participants! They are on thousands and thousands of private accounts. It means that the system is native. Without fools! It is the real mutual fund, where people help each other.
That is all! Now you may read the rules of the system. Good luck! We Can a Lot! (If there will be something unclear, you may call the online consultant  You may call any, don’t be shy. They will be happy to answer.

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