RFID identity theft and shocking discovery about RFID implant

RFID identity theft
The RFID identity theft is inevitable once we all carry the RFID implant. I also made a great discovery about the RFID. RFID, A microchip implanted in your body. Although for most it sounds rather Orwellian, people are already implanting an RFID chip in their body. Next that RFID identity theft and manipulation could be the reality i did also made a major discovery that changed me how i look to Alien and UFO cases.
They can log into their computer, lock the front door or start their car using the RFID chip in their hand.
RDIF or Radio-frequency identification is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.
The tags contain electronically stored information. Some tags are powered by electromagnetic induction from magnetic fields produced near the reader.
For detailed information visit Wikipedia.
There are people who go a step further. We are working on the possibility to implant children with a chip so they can be identified if they are lost or kidnapped.
There are already watches, bracelets or devices that you can do in a backpack to follow children, but following a microchip inside a human body is a whole different story.
“I’m considering to implant a RFID chip in my child,” says Trish Dickerson. Her 3.5 year old son is afraid of nothing. One day she thought, “My dog ​​has a microchip, why should I not microchip my son?”
Really, you compare your child with a dog?
Stewart Lipoff is an expert in the field of radio-frequency identification (RFID). He says the technology to track a microchip using GPS is not yet available, but it is close.
According Lipoff, it is possible to follow a human with an implanted chip. You need to do is to place scanners in certain areas such as doorways and on every street corner.
The information from the microchip is then read in as the individual comes close to such a scanner.

What are the dangers? RFID identity theft?

Throughout the history i have learned science introduce new technology and deal with the issues later. Not only specific on technology, what about the food we are consuming? Decades later we discover the chemicals in our food poison us.
The RDIF will be your digital fingerprint, the idea that your identity can be stolen scares me. What have i have learned from the Sony hack? That nobody is safe.
It’s very clear where this idea originates from, the New World Order. When everyone is wearing a chip, the world can be controlled by the hidden people, the Illuminati or however you want to call it.

I made a major discovery

After studying the RDIF documentations i discovered a photo, look at the photo left and right and what do you see:
RFID chip
Left the RFID chip and right Alien Implant Found in Humans by Dr. Leir
On March the 13th, 2015 i wrote an article about Alien Implants Found in Humans. Dr. Leir, an American doctor, claimed to have removed dozens of meteorite implants and have an extraterrestrial origin.
The material has been found at the site in Roswell where the flying saucer landed in 1947. It has been tested by a scientific institute. A real scientific laboratory has examined the isotopes and the ratio of magnesium isotopes in the analyzed samples and they are unknown on Earth!

RFID asset tracking: following people RFID chip soon a reality by Lions Ground


  • This means here is your smoking gun proof that the extraterrestrial exist and they are here.
  • This means humans are behind or partly responsible for the Alien abductions for implanting chips in thousands human bodies. Phil Schneider often said that our technology is not earthly. We developed from riding horses to high tech stealth bombers in less than a hundred years.
  • I am saying they are now introducing Alien implant as the RFID chip!
  • This new discovery is very crucial, this changed me how i look at Alien and UFO cases.


Here is my question to you: What i want to know from you, what would you do if the government requires the RFID implant?

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