Oldest man in the world (145) and eats everything

Oldest man in the world (145) and eats everything
The Indonesian Mbah Gotho claims to be 145 years old. He would be the longest living man on earth. The man lives in Sragen on the Indonesian island of Java. According to his identity, he was born on December 31, 1870, writes the Daily Telegraph.
Ghoto actually has just one wish. “The only thing I want is to die,” he said to the local station Liputan 6. “My deceased wives, siblings and children and my grandchildren are all independent.”

Long Searching

The man witnessed many funerals in his life. Funerals of his 10 siblings, four wives and even some of his children. Family members indicated that Ghoto spends his days by listening to the radio.
Although the authorities confirmed after much searching the birth of Ghoto is authentic, it must be confirmed by an independent source. Only then he is officially the oldest man who ever lived. That would make him much older than the French Jeanne Calment. She died in 1997 at age 122.

Even Older

“He eats everything and has never been sick,” said a relative. Already in 1992, there has been a tombstone for Ghoto, but he won’t die. The secret of a long life, he said: “The recipe to grow old, is patience.”
Allegedly living in Africa even older men, their age was never confirmed. In Nigeria would attend a 171-year-old man named James Olofintuyi in Ethiopia and another person is Dhaqabo Ebba claiming to be 163 years old.

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