MMM Community Development Task: Share Your Progress with MMM

The Community development tasks have a huge impact on the smooth work of MMM Nigeria. So, this week we present a new task: share your progress in MMM with your friends in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. (Nevertheless do no forget about the previous tasks: and, do them regularly.)
Tell people your story: how you helped other people with PHs and how they helped you with GHs. Explain your friends the difference between MMM and investment programs. MMM is a platform for exchange of donation between people. In MMM you directly send money to fellow Nigerians and ask them to help you when you need it. Members are not binded with legal obligations. But providing help, spreading the word of mouth, learning new and teaching others, the members build their own MMM Community, making it strong, healthy and sustainable. According to the efforts done by each member for the benefit of other Community members, every member is getting rewarded by others.
Share Your Progress with MMM
Step 1. Enter your Personal Office, take a screenshot of your dashboard and the "Mavro" section. (You can install Lightshot application and taking screenshots will be easier.)
Step 2. Make a video: how you have learnt about the MMM System. What MMM stands for, how to join MMM, and say that MMM isn't an investment fund, but that MMM is mutual aid of people.
Step 3. Go to your Facebook page:
Making video + photo post
Write your own text, add hashtags #MMMNigeriaCDT. Copy a hashtag and add to your text description.

Step 4. Click “Photo/Video”.

Step 5. Firstly upload a photo and click “Add Photo/Video”.

Then, after uploading photo and video

choose “Public” and click “Post”.

Step 6. After you click “Post”, your publication can appear with a delay. This is because video processing takes some time.

Step 7. Go to WhatsApp, open the group that you created last working Wednesday, and post in it the screenshots of your Personal Office.
Instructions are here:
How to install Whatsapp, register and invite friends from Facebook:
How to create a group and paste a screenshot of the “Mavro” section of your Personal Office in it:
Step 8. Go to your Instagram page and upload a screenshot of the “Mavro” section of your Personal Office. Instruction is here:
Step 9. Open your Twitter page and post a screenshot of the “Mavro” section of your Personal Office on your page. Instruction is here:

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