Minimum Amount Of Airtime One Can Transfer From Bank App To Sim

Am sharing this for those of us that are wondering how much airtime credit they could transfer through their diamond bank apps. I myself was having this same problems some time ago but i decided to try out something and that's how i got to know the minimum amount of airtime one can possibly transfer.

New Way To Transfer Airtime On Mtn Sim #600
How about other Banks in Nigeria?

I don't know for other banks but i trust it will be the same thing since most if not all of them use Quickteller's services to perform their airtime credit transactions on mobile.

So, i was able to transfer 40 naira because i wanted to do the mtn night data plan!
Am sure you can be able to transfer less than that but i have not tried anything less that 40 bucks and you are welcome to try and give us your results!

Don't forget that the minimum amount that one can transfer on MTN Share and sell service is 50 naira
So, enjoy this"

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