Intelligent Parents Refuse Vaccinations

Science Site LiveScience reports that more and more parents refuse to vaccinate their children because they do not see the point of it. In 2013, 87 percent of pediatricians regularly have parents in the consulting refuse vaccinations, against 75 percent in 2006.
Intelligent parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated understand how unnecessary and dangerous vaccine is, said Dr. Mark Sircus, who for years has done research into the causes of diseases. These parents see that their children are healthier and less likely to catch cold and are less likely to suffer from infections, he added.
LiveScience writes that many parents delay vaccination because they mistakenly assume that vaccines damage the immune system of children. According to Dr. Sircus the parents are right. “After vaccination, the immune system can get a blow with chronic illnesses or even death as a result,” he says.

Gross Negligence

Dr. Harold E. Buttram wrote years ago in an open letter to the editors of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine about a German study. Eleven healthy adults who were vaccinated against tetanus had temporarily a lot less T-helper cells in their blood.
Four of the subjects had as many T-helper cells as in AIDS patients, as it turned out. “If this is the result of a single vaccine, imagine imagine what the consequences may be multiple vaccines (18 vaccines in the first six months),” said Buttram.
The study showed that the number of T-helper cells decreased the most two weeks after the vaccination. However, this information was never brought out. Buttram said in his letter of “gross negligence”.
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Drop Dead

In an article about the flu vaccine in the New York Times: “As soon as swine flu vaccinations start next month, some people getting them will drop dead of heart attacks or strokes, some children will have seizures and some pregnant women will miscarry.”
Although those cases, according to the New York Times may not be linked to each other, we read in another article in the same newspaper: “About a week after getting the swine flu shot, she recalled, “I was so weak I couldn’t push down the toaster button.” She spent a month in the hospital, paralyzed from the neck down, before gradually recovering.
“Today we are afraid of Islamic terrorism, but there is still a treacherous form of terror, where doctors in white coats are guilty of,” concludes Dr. Sircus.
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Are You Going To Refuse Vaccinations

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