Install Python and SqlMap on Windows 7

Since sqlmap is written in python, the first thing you need is the python interpreter. Download the python interpreter from Download and install Python version 2.7.x.  Sqlmap have to run with version 2.7.x on Windows 7 (tested). At last you need to append some strings like C:\Python to PATH variable in Environment Variables Setting follow these steps below:
1. Open the Start Menu and right click on Computer. Select Properties.
2. Select Advanced system settings.
3. In the Advanced tab, select Environment Variables
4. Edit PATH variable, append path to your Python installation folder (ex: C:\Python27)

5. Just save it and open cmd and type python, if it works it will show you the screen like this:

Download and install sqlmap

Next download the sqlmap zip file from Extract the zip files in any directory. Launch the dos prompt and navigate to the directory of sqlmap. Now run the script with the python interpreter.
C:\sqlmap>python ./
Usage: ./ [options] error: missing a mandatory option (-d, -u, -l, -m, -r, -g, -c, --wiza
rd, --update, --purge-output or --dependencies), use -h for basic or -hh for adv
anced help

Press Enter to continue...
That was easy! Sqlmap is asking for some parameters so that it can hack something.
Done. Enjoy it!

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