Independence day - The Real Problem With Nigeria Is Not Corruption, It is Stupidity - Nigeria @ 56

I will use two examples to illustrate this. Kenya and Russia.

Transparency International commonly bandied around in Nigerian media to say just how corrupt we are. But I was awakened to a rude reality today which got me shaking as I made the assertion that the problem with Nigeria is NOT corruption but stupidity.

The same TI which most of us know and we use to call ourselves the most corrupt nation (a wrong fact, we are not even in the 10 most corrupt league) has a table for perceived corruption index. See . This is a very recent index.

With a score of 27 out of 100 (100 means no corruption), we have the honour of sharing the score with Cameroon, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, and Russia; our equally corrupt brothers Russia and Iran are significantly more developed. Kenya scored 25 out of 100 (in short they seem more corrupt than us), and Zimbabwe 2 out of 100.

Since Kenya is an African nation, it is more justifiable to compare African with African. And by T.I, Kenya is more corrupt than Nigeria.

Literacy rate by UNESCO in 2015 -
Kenya 78%
Nigeria 56%

Gender difference for Kenya 6.5%. For Nigeria 19.5 (More illiterates overall in Nigeria than in Kenya and more illiterate females in Nigeria than Kenya).

Unemployment rate
Kenya 9.2%
Nigeria 7.6%

Infant mortality
Kenya 64.72 deaths per 1000 births.
Nigeria 96.14 deaths per 1000 births

Where to be born index (Quality of life index)
Kenya 7.32
Nigeria 2.99
A higher rate is better here. For instance South Africa has a Quality of Life of 110.92. So better life exists in Kenya than in Nigeria.

Quality of Infrastructure
Kenya - 3.2
Nigeria - Nigeria didn't even rank. Our infrastructure is that poor!

Spending on Education (% of GDP spent on education, 2012 figures)
Kenya - 6.7%
Nigeria - - (Didn't rank again?)

To cap, the Human Development Index (higher is better)
Kenya 0.535
Nigeria 0.504

And considering the fact that Nigeria's 2015 GDP is $493 billion USD, and Kenya's is $63 billion - Nigeria's economy is about 8 times Kenya's, it is amazing that Kenya fares better than Nigeria on most counts (even though T.I says Kenya is more corrupt than Nigeria).

Here on Nairaland (@Pavore9) said "Love d intellectual write up, far from burning energy on PDP vs APC! lt is common to see 33,000 litres tankers on Kenyan highways not filled with petroleum products as we are used to but with fresh milk produced locally, heading to other countries!"

“Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.” ― Margaret Atwood.

The evil of corruption must cease, but we need something beyond anti-corruption to move the nation forward. We need intelligent and smart leaders. The real problem causing this mess (even corruption) is the low human capital.

From Wikipedia
Human capital is an important factor for the wealth of a nation due to its influence on the overall production of the country. Technological progress can provide more efficient production-methods like machines and computers, but skilled labor is necessary to manage and develop them as well as to improve the quality and productivity of the existing labor. The formation of Nigeria's human capital is therefore of great importance in the coming years if Nigeria wants to be competitive in the future. However, Nigeria is having a problem with its human capital.

The Human Development Index (HDI) provides a measure of human capital development in three dimensions: income, health, and education. The latest values of HDI shows that Nigeria is ranked 156 with the value of 0.459 among 187 countries. The value places Nigeria in the bottom, meaning that Nigeria is considered to have low level of human development.

By: Cpriest

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