How to use Droid4X Offline installation - #9jaboombox

Follow Download links:

link 0.8.6
link 0.8.5
link 0.8.4
link 0.8.3
link 0.8.2
link 0.8.1
link 0.8.0
link 0.7.5

How to install:

Install 7z. Go to Droid4x offline installation and extract it with 7z.
Open “Droid4X 0.8.2 offline installer” folder and go to this tow files, and install them.

Go to this File and make a backup, then delete it.
Now go to “Droid4x.EXE” and run it. (or send shortcut to desktop)
It will work perfectly 100%.

I will show more tutorials next time.



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