How to Sniff People's Password? (A hacking guide with Cain & Abel - ARP POISONING METHOD)

First, you must have the Cain & Abel program, to download the click here.
Install the program, then run it.

A new window appear like fig. Cain - 1.1

fig. Cain - 1.1

Go to the "Sniffer" tab, then activate/start the sniffer by clicking the "Start/Stop Sniffer". (fig. Cain - 1.2)
Cain - 1.2
 Choose your network adapter, then click "Ok". (Because I use this windows XP on a virtual machine I can't use any adapter, so I can't give you the complete image of the process,but I try to explain you as clear as I can,sorry 'bout that).
After you activate the sniffer, then click the '+' button to add hosts to the list. (see fig. Cain - 1.3)
Cain - 1.3
After you get 1 or a bunch of hosts in your list, then go to the "APR" tab below. (see fig. Cain - 1.4)
Cain - 1.4
Click the '+' button and add which host you want to sniff the passwords. Then click the radioactive button to activate the ARP Poisoning Process.
Cain - 1.5
To see the password captured, just go to the "Passwords" tab beside the APR tab. (see fig. Cain - 1.6)
Cain - 1.6
That's all folks, I hope this tutorial will be useful for you to sniff someone's password.
This tutorial is just for education purpose,  Author of this site will be not responsible for any kind of misuse of this information .
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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