How To Register On MMM Nigeria - Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox

This article aided with pictures will guide you on Registering to the MMM community.

NB: REGISTARATION IS TOTALLY FREE, Don't pay anyone for that!

Please make sure you have read the WARNING on the page before joining this platform.

Quick summary of the Warning - Participate with only spare money, don't donate with all the money in your account!

Now can we proceed. . .

From the Main page, click on Registration tab at the top right hand corner of the page.

Registration page should look like this below. . . 
After filling the form correctly just like example above, Click on REGISTER IN MMM.

In the space for Invite, use the email - [email protected], in some cases, it should be there automatically.
In the space for "Your Guider's Email" and "Your Guider's Phone Number" you can leave it unfilled(empty) if you don't know who to choose as a guider.


A guider is a manager, a manager as the name implies who gives you direct updates, supports and messages if you have any order matched or active. He/She becomes your Guider once you choose from the list of contacts below the registration form, i won't be posting a screen shot here for privacy issues. If you don't know or trust who to choose, leave the boxes unfilled then automatically, your invite's guider becomes your guider.

After a Registration Success message, you should receive a mail from the email you specified.
NB: You don't need activation to proceed.. Just go right to the LOGIN PAGE to go straight to your PO, the link below will guide you through on how to login to MMM...

If you should have difficulties in your registration, please forward:
  • Your name,
  • phone number,
  • an active email
to this address - [email protected] or via whatsapp - +2347061675728 | Your registration will be done in few minutes and your details + instructions sent to you.

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