HOW TO: Improve Alexa ranking and links in 5 easy ways

Do you have a blog? Then you must be in search of traffic for your site. Driving traffic to your site is a good thing, but driving traffic from google or any other search engines is the most important thing. You can't manually get traffic to each post everyday without the help from top search engines and the rankings they assign for your blog. One such company that assigns search engine ranking for your blog is Alexa. Alexa ranking is one of the criteria where blogs get indexed in various search engines. Every time you write your unique articles alexa and google checks for your popularity of post, and content satisfaction. Depending on your post, alexa improves ranking for your blog.

Some of the Tips and tricks you can also follow to improve or reduce alexa ranking, and fetch more alexa links:
  1. Write great posts:

    First you always need to focus on is writing great articles. Now you might wonder how would these search engines know that content is good or bad? There is an algorithm for this and plagiarized content is absolutely ignored and you will simply lose traffic and rank order. When you write great posts like tutorials or something which is useful and where most users search for it, you will receive a great response from the users too, the users response too contribute to greatness or quality of posts.
  2. Keyword density:

    When you write a great article, you must keep in mind that keywords or anchor texts are quite important. As search engines can only understand text, hence forth before you attempt to write great article research your keywords using  Google Keyword tool.
  3. Quality Links:

    Building links to your blog is as important as writing posts. You can obviously build links that is backlinks for your site. Search engines refer backlinks as individual links hence all links, linking back to your site are accounted for. Where as Alexa links does not work that way, No matter how much ever links you get from a site, its treated as just one link back from that site. Say you have 100 links from a well known site, but since its a single site your alexa link value would be 1. So, you need to work out sessions to build alexa ranks from quite a good lot of blog.
  4. Commenting:

    Its very obvious that you need to interact with the bloggers communities and comment on various posts of others and also reply back to them. You provide them good reviews and comment for their post, the same is received for you too. This helps your site to build reputation and response which helps search engines to rate the greatness of post. For your information search engines do crawl comment section too.
  5. Promotion:

    Last but not the least, promotion is always the first thing you need to do when ever you publish your post. Share your post as much as you can through various social media and networking sites. Who knows your friends too might find it interesting.

So, follow these easy simple ways to improve your alexa ranking and alexa links. The better is the alexa ranking, the better is the traffic from search engines. The better the traffic, higher the reputation of the blog. The higher the reputation you are building a great brand for you blog.

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