How to Free up Phone Memory Space in Windows Phone

My first Windows Phone, Lumia 630 was bought almost a yr back. I use it only for making normal calls, messaging over WhatsApp and listen to music stored in Phone’s external memory. I keep it updated periodically for both phone OS and Apps. I don’t experiment much on this phone, by installing and experimenting with Apps, games etc. So it was surprising, when I started getting notification that my phone was low on memory. 8GB of internal phone memory is not that bad.

There are plenty of articles on the subject of cleaning up Phone Memory in Windows Phone. Unfortunately, none worked in my case. But there was one step which helped me fix the problem. It is mentioned last. The same method also helped me fix the problem on a Lumia 530. Considering this method worked on both phones, I hope this might help someone with the same problem.

Try these step by step method to free Phone Memory.

1. Use a cleaning App
One of the basic step to free up space is using a clean-up App. By default, Clean Master Lite-x is installed on my phone. You can also use Apps like Storage Cleaner and Storage Cleaner Pro. Run these programs which might help in freeing up space by removing temporary and cache files.
2. Check Phone Memory in Settings
Go to Settings -> Storage Sense -> Click on Phone

You can see whatever is stored inside the Phone Memory. Now click on each of these options one by one and check what is inside.
• Remove apps and files which you don’t need to free space
• You can also choose to move the installed Apps to SD card. This way, you can save more space on Phone memory. You can see this option under the Apps + Games -> Choose any App or Game -> Select “move to SD”.
Note: Some Apps cannot be moved to SD as the developers of the App doesn’t allow it to be installed on the SD card and can only be installed on Phone memory.
3. Connect Phone to PC

free windows phone memoryfree windows phone memory
• Open Phone Memory.
• Browse the folders. Check and remove the unwanted files.
If the first 3 steps didn’t work, try step 4 which should solve the problem.
4. Uninstall WhatsApp
Go to Apps list and remove WhatsApp. This one step fixed my problem.
On my Lumia 630, I was able to increase my free space from 650MB to 3GB (almost 6 times). I am sure this step is valid and could help someone, cos I was able to replicate the same on Lumia 530 freeing up 2GB where it was only 450MB.
Note: Uninstalling WhatsApp does remove all your previous conversations. But it will not remove your Contacts, groups which you were part of before, files such as images, videos and files sent using WhatsApp. Once you install back WhatsApp, you will be able to see all your previous WhatsApp contact and you will still be part of whatever groups you were in.
In case, if uninstalling WhatsApp didnt fix the problem, check if some other App is creating the problem.
Cause: It is not clear why removing WhatsApp cleared up so much free space. My only guess, is poor coding and compatibility issues. Hopefully future updates from Windows and WhatsApp should fix the problem.
Hope this helped you in getting more free space. Use the comment section if you got any queries.

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