How to buy Bitcoins on NairaEx?

How to buy Bitcoins on NairaEx?
NairaEx allows you to buy and sell bitcoins through Nigerian bank account. First you need to register.

To create an account:
  1. Enter your First Name
  2. Enter your Last Name
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Invent and enter your username
  5. Invent a strong password and enter it
  6. Re-type your password
  7. Confirm that you accept the terms and conditions
  8. Click “Register”

After the registration you need to:
  1. Verify your phone number
  2. Verify your identity and submit bank account name and number

After the verification will be completed, you will be able to buy bitcoins:
  1. Choose that you want to buy bitcoins
  2. Choose a buy payment option “Naira Bank Account”
  3. Choose an amount of bitcoins you want to buy
  4. Type your bitcoin wallet
  5. Click “Submit”

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