First of all register! The first reason is to enter the Virtual account. And then the other things. :-))
How to register? There is the button in the top REGISTRATION.. :-)) Push and fill up the form and proceed! :-))
If you didn’t register still and only read all the instructions (we don’t understand what you are waiting for!!! :-)) you may look at the demonstration page of the cabinet (DEMO VA) how it looks like. What the “desktop” is and so on. To make you more informed. :-))
A) How to provide assistance?
You push on the desktop a button “Want to provide help” and point how much money you want to bring and where: the usual deposit, or another. You will get the orders in your VA and you will have to execute them in 72 hours: transfer money to other participants. If you will not – you’ll be blocked. That is it.
Just technically, MAVRO will be charged to you at the same time, when you will make a request. (And percentage will begin to flow also). But at first they will be under the status “not confirmed”. They will be confirmed only when all the participants will confirm the delivery of money.
B) How to GET HELP?
You put in your cabinets the right yellow button (a big one also :-)) Want to GET  HELP and point how much money you want to withdraw. The Dispatch (the program :-)) will take participants for you during half an hour and they will transfer the money to you. If they will not – the Dispatch will provide other one. And it will continue until you get the requested sum. (Usually it finishes very quickly. There are to less of the deniers, because we block it :-))
**50% (can be withdraw anytime after confirmation of the Mavro of the particular Assignment)
Growth of 30% per month  (can be withdraw  after 1 month )
3-month deposit 50% (can be withdraw  after 3 month only)

B) Referral bonus
You will get referral bonus for each new system member (referral), with 10% from his every providing assiastance. (Only when the referral will confirm in his Account, that it was you, who lead him to the systemJ))
You’ll get money only on the new deposits. Referral have invested 100, withdrew 150, than invested again 400 – it means that you’ll get 100-150+400= 350
Bonus is pointed as MAVRO 30% and is ready for withdraw after deposit confirmation.
C) Manager bonus
Leader multilevel system bonuses. Form your own structures! Invite there thousands and millions of participants! And get bonuses FROM ALL THEM!!! From all of them! From the whole structure. We appreciate it. J)
And how to bring all the structure to the MMM, read  (It is for network markets first of all, MLM structures)

E) For a video in a letter of happiness      
Every participant after getting help, have to send a letter of happiness to the office MUTUAL AID. (System needs positive way! :-)) If there will be a video in the letter, so you’ll get a bonus (None have sent it before without a bonus, unfortunately! :-))
1) 5% from the sum that you’d got as requested help, if we can see and hear you in the video :-))
2) 3% If you are not.
Bonus will be frozen for a month. If you delete a video, the bonus will burn out.
For the referral and leader bonus restructure we also give bonuses 10% if you are in the video, 8% if we can’t see you.

B) Time restrictions
No time limits! Withdraw money at least the next day. Well, or keep them as long as you prefer.

5. Lottery
Is held on Wednesdays. (Free. Everything for you! :-))
You need to guess the numbers. If you will, so you’ll win! J)  (We also have a button “More” where you can find it. The top of the page. )
8. Trustee
You may assign a manager for yourself. (As a broker at the burse.) That will make all the job for you and you’ll just lie on a sofa and spit at the ceiling. :-)) It is not so hard to find a manager for yourself – go to the online CONSULTANTS and ask everyone.
More details here…..

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