Droid4x is the best Android emulator ever, which leads in aspects of performance, user experience, compatibility and gaming controllability.

Droid4x is the best Android emulator ever, which leads in aspects of performance, user experience, compatibility and gaming controllability.



Droid4X Review:

 Droid4X - The Best Android Emulator For Windows PC. 

 Are you worried that you do not have an Android phone and hence cannot access to all the stuff that is offered for Android phone users? If you are in awe with the games and apps on offer for Android devices, then you can use the Droid4X software to get the apps and games on your Windows PC. The droid4x is the best ever Android simulator that you can come across at present. 

 Why Use Droid4X?

 Droid4X is the best Android gaming emulator that you can use on your Windows PC that offers you speed and performance that you need to play 3D quality Android games. It offers you the best performance and user experience that will make you feel as if you are using the Android apps on games on Android Smaprthones and tablets. You can experience the same performance that you get on an Android device without any glitches. In fact, the Droid4X simulator controls offer you better gaming control than what you experience on the Android devices. PC users will get the experience of using a virtual Android handset and you can use the emulator to download Android apps and games on your PC. 

 Salient Features 

 - The installation of the software is done very smoothly, even though it might take a bit longer to get installed.
 - You will have access to explore the Google Play Store from your PC and choose any programs or games you are interested in. 
 - You can also take snapshots or activate the GPS app as if you are doing it from your Android device. 
 - The option to install dedicated clients on your Android phones, connect your phone to PC and use the phone as a joystick to play Android games on PC.
 - The software supports full screen PC mode for better vision and clarity. 
 - There will be no dearth in the performance and speed of the app when used in PCs. 
 - Sharing folders between Android host and PC host is possible. 


 - High speed and performance.
 - The option to play games on a PC using an Android phone as a joystick.
 - Take screen shots, Activate GPS and adjust the screen resolution.
 - Compatible with most of the apps and games offered.

 There is no doubt that Droid4X is currently the best Android emulator available that will allow you  to get access to Google apps and games on your PC. The software offers great speed and performance that you will not come across in any other Android emulator. It is an ideal option to have on the PC for all Android game enthusiasts.

 Droid4X has introduced a revolutionary application which will help Android apps to be run on desktops. With Droid4X Android apps can be run on PCs and these will adapt to the full screen resolution and help in sharing files and other date more easily. This application is a wrapper styled software with VirtualBox, which comes with Android 4.2.2 that runs on a custom virtual machine. All such details need not be known by the novice user who simply needs to load and run the program on their desktop. When the program launched, will start the Android start screen with a resolution window of 1280x720 pixels. The Play Store can be accessed through this software. APKs that are already downloaded on your desktop can be dragged and dropped here for them to run. 

 There is a toolbar on the left-hand side which provides access to different features. The program can be set up to use the keyboard of the computer as a controller. You can also share files between your Android device and the PC host. The other advanced features include a shared keyboard which can be activated by pressing the Control key and C or Control key and V. One can zoom in or out of applications by using the mouse wheel. Most of the Android apps work well without any problem and it brings forth a new world of exciting possibilities on your boring old laptop or desktop. The software passed its beta tests well and hence, one can be assured of its performance on their desktop.

Changes on the new version:
Changelogs Droid4X 0.10.4
1. Fixed the problem that software can not login (ah, the anti-harmony, said the unknown, experience it yourself)
2. Optimize some game compatibility issues (the amount, but also anti-harmony ~)
3. Other bug fixes
Changelogs Droid4X 0.10.3
1. System Performance Optimization
2. Increase Copyright Notice Information
3. Huawei Account repair
4. Zhu Xian not run Repair
5. The dawn light Baidu does not run Repair
5. Other BUG repair
Changelogs Droid4X 0.10.1
1. Beauty Live Optimization function
2. User Account function optimization
3. Other bug fixes
4. simulator empty when full-screen background color adjustment
5. Specify the key "Arrows" and the mouse conflicts

Changelogs Droid4X 0.10.0
1. The simulator interface is a new revision, and so you feel fun to play
2. Play the hippocampus beauty live upgrade again, a new broadcast system and user interface, cool special effects gift debut
3. guard line function, come goddess guard your heart
4. Search function optimization Games
5. Fixed Application failures
6. Other bug fixes
Compatible brilliant run 2

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