DNS Server Not Responding Error – How to Fix it

DNS server not responding
This is a complete guide on fixing DNS Server isn’t Responding error.
I was just about to post an article on a different topic, but then I noticed that for some reasons, some websites were not opening up. There were no error messages and the web page comes with an option to click on diagnostic tools to find the cause. I confirmed that my internet connection is working fine as I was able to go to google and look for search results. The next step  was to open these website with browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome. The logic is to check if it as a browser related problem. All my web browsers had the same issue which confirmed, this is not a browser problem. Then I tried the diagnostic tool link that popped up in the webpage, which showed me  DNS Server Not Responding Error. After performing some troubleshooting, I was able to fix the issue. Thought I would share it in this article.

Reasons for getting DNS Server Not Responding Error

  • The server which host the website might be temporarily down due to technical reasons
  • The DNS service in your computer is corrupted or not working
  • The security firewall or security software itself might have accidentally blocked your PC from communicating with a website or certain websites

How to narrow down the source of DNS server not Responding Error?

  • If you have another computer or mobile device accessing internet from the same network, then check if they are able to access internet. The other mobile device can be a smart phone or tablet. If the other devices have internet connection, then this is an issue with your computer. If the other devices are not able to access internet, don’t waste any time and contact your ISP. Explain them the scenario and they will help. (Some ISP technicians are quick to blame your computer for this issue)
  • Try to access internet using safe mode with networking. It is explained below under the section “How to fix DNS Server Not Responding Error because of a corrupted security”. If your computer is able to access internet in safe mode with networking, a security software or conflicting third party software might be responsible for the problem.
  • If you are getting DNS server error only on couple of websites, then it might be a temporary issue with the server which is hosting that website. You can check it using websites like http://downorisitjustme.com. Just enter the name of the website that you would like to check. This website will ping to your destination website and let you know if it is up or down. In case if it shows that the website you want is up and running properly, but you are not able to see it, then the problem is with your computer. If the website is shown as down or not working, you need to wait until the webmaster of the website get the issue fixed.
  • Check if the error is a browser problem by browsing websites using different browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. This happens rarely, but yet possible. If the error is happening only on a particular browser, then you need to troubleshoot the browser. Following the steps mentioned in IE optimization which fix most issues, no matter which browser you use. Here is how to do a complete Internet explorer optimization.

How to fix a DNS Server Not Responding Error Normally

Try the steps in the following order
    • Click Start. Inside search window, type cmd. In the result, right click on the one which shows cmd or command prompt, then select Run as administrator
Inside command prompt window, type the commands in the following order.
  • type netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt This is going to reset ip
  • netsh winsock reset. This command is going to reset winsock. Although resetting winsock has nothing to do with fixing the error, it might help in fixing other problems which can lead to this error. Once the command is executed, it will create a prompt to restart. Do not restart now. Complete the steps.
  • ipconfig /flushdns This command help in flushing the stored DNS cache.
  • Restart computer and check if the issue is fixed.
Try this step if you still have the same problem.
  • Do a power cycle of modem and computer.
    Turn off your computer and then turn off the modem and router (if present). Keep it turned off for 5mts. The power is turned off for 5mts to make sure the power is drained out completely and ensure proper reset of settings.
  • Now turn it on and check if the problem is fixed.
If the issue is still not fixed, try the steps below.
    • Press Windows Key + R. In the run window, type ncpa.cpl. This will open network connections
    • right click local area connection, then click properties. (If it is wireless connection, right click on Wireless Network Connection)
    • Select Internet protocol version(TCP/IPv4), then click properties
    • Select internet protocol ,select “use the following DNS server address”
    • change DNS server address to global DNS value given below

      Alternate (You can also use Google’s DNS address preferred and alternate
    • Check if issue is fixed. Changing the Preferred and Alternate error usually fix most of the cases.
Here is a list of DNS addresses which can be used on your computer. You will find the Preferred and Alternate DNS addresses with the provider listed in bold.
  • and DNS gives faster performance.
  • and’s DNS is safe and fast.
  • and’s DNS for extra security
  • and Connect Safe detects pornographic and harmful websites. Ideal for setting on minor’s computer
  • and DNS Access to all domains irrespective of regional and censorship issues
  • and Watch is ideal for high performance.
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How to fix a DNS Server Not Responding Error because of a corrupted security

Security software is another major culprit responsible for DNS Server Not Responding error. Every security software tends to get corrupted over a period of time for reasons ranging from file corruption while updating files, conflicts with other software or indirect changes to security settings as a result of intentional or unintentional changes made on your PC. This might cause the security software to block internet connection.
1) Disable security software especially the firewall settings. Then check if the issue is fixed.
If not follow the next step
2)Check if the internet works fine in safe mode with networking
Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode which allows only the essential operating system files and drivers to load.In safe mode with networking, apart from the basic OS files and drivers, network driver is also loaded which enable internet connection.The logic – If the internet connection works fine in safe mode with networking,then third party services or driver is responsible for the problem by blocking the internet connection. If the issue is still not fixed, then it might be some other problem.
How to start computer in safe mode with networking?
  • Shut down the computer
  • Turn it on. As soon as the screen displays, keep tapping F8 key continuously on the keyboard
  • Select “Safe Mode with Networking” (If you use USB drive for internet connection, it won’t work as USB drivers won’t get loaded in safe mode with networking)
Check the internet connection. If the connection works fine, restart the computer normally.Configure security software properly to allow internet connection.
(Note: In certain cases,if the security software is damaged beyond repair disabling or reconfiguring it won’t work . I highly recommend uninstalling the security software.Make sure to re-install it)

DNS server not responding showing only for some websites

Sometimes the error message happens to only some websites. Of course, you can check if the website in question is working using www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com or http://downorisitjustme.com. But what if this is happening on authority websites like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. You cannot expect these websites to be down and it happens very rarely. The solution mentioned below is simple and it worked very well for me. I apologize for not having any logical explanation to why this error happens only to some websites. You are always welcome to share your opinion on this.
  • Open ncpa.cpl from Start tab. Open network connections
  • Right click local area connection, then click properties
  • Select Internet protocol version(TCP/IPv4), then click properties
  • Select internet protocol ,select “use the following DNS server address”
  • change DNS server address to global DNS value given below
    Preferred DNS Sever
    Alternate DNS Server
Providing the global DNS should fix the issue. In some cases, this solution might be temporary as the error message might return after a week or month (This happened to me). The trick now, is to remove the global DNS and go back to select “obtain DNS server address automatically”. Then if it happens again, change it to global DNS. Switching between alternate DNS server address and automatic DNS server should fix the problem.

Other solutions to try for DNS Server Not Responding (If above mentioned methods fail)

  1. This solution works for wireless connection issues
  • Start -> control panel -> network and sharing center
  • change adapter settings on the left side
  • disable Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter, if present.
If Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter is not present in the location, go to device manager and disable it.
  • Start -> Run ->Type devmgmt.msc ->Click View tab
  • Select Show Hidden devices ->Expand Network Adapters
  • Disable Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter, if present
  • Check the status
  1. Disable Internet Protocol Version 6
    Start -> Run -> Type ncpa.cpl -> Right click Local Area Connection or your current connection ->Select Properties -> Uncheck Internet Protocol Version. Restart computer and check the status.
  1. System Restore
    System restore feature enable you to restore your computer to a previous date and time when the computer was working fine. I rarely recommend system restore as a solution because most of the time system restore just mask the real problem and give a temporary solution. But considering the fact that you tried all the above steps and none fixed the problem, try doing a system restore to a date when the internet was working fine in your computer.
    Try doing a system restore as mentioned in the link.
If none of this worked, contact your ISP to get further help in fixing the problem.
Hope this article helped you in fixing DNS Server Not Responding Error. Feel free to add your comments and questions if you need any help on the topic. Please care to share this topic.

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