Create Your Own Video Streaming Wapsite Like Youtube Mobile Site

Create Your Own Mobile Site Like Youtube

Introduction :

Creating a wap site like Youtube was not easy at all Because Youtube contains millions of videos uploaded by millions of people. Youtube is providing RSS Feed option to show videos on another site , By using the RSS Feed we can create a site like Youtube. I already developed a script like Youtube using the RSS Feed option, The only difference between my site and the Youtube are my script will allow the user to download the Youtube Video but Youtube never allows a visitor to download the video .

Minimum Requirements to Install Youtube Wap Script:

The minimum requirements to install the Youtube Wap script on your server, You only need a Cpanel with php support or any other server which just support php. Remember the Php version must be 5.1 or minimum.
  • Sometimes you need to update Mod_Security on your Cpanel.
  • If you have a windows server, The script will work fine.

Advantages of Youtube Wap Script:

The main advantage of Youtube Wap script was its downloading function, With the downloading function, the visitor of the Youtube Wap Scripted site can download Youtube video in two methods Mp3 & Mp4. The second advantages of the Youtube Wap script were, The Youtube Wap script was developed using Youtube RSS feed option so every video available in the Youtube where accessible in the Youtube Wap script.

Download Youtube Wap Script V2:

Download the Youtube Wap script from the following URL address: Download Script.
Demo: Demo Here.
Youtube Wapscript Demo Image

How to Install Youtube Wap Script:

It is very easy to install Youtube Wap script on your server, Just follow up the following method.
  1. Download the Youtube Wap script.
  2. Upload it to your Web Server.
  3. Extract the Youtube.Zip file.
  4. You are Done.

How to Change the Logo of the Youtube Wap Script:

It is very easy to replace the Logo with your wap site logo .. Just upload your wapsite Logo to the root folder of the Youtube Wap Script you uploaded with "logo.gif" Format.
I hope you well enjoyed the script ... If you have any doubts related to this article or the script that we developed just inform us by using the comment box below. Thanks

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