Create Your Own Live Cricket Score Wapsite Using Php Script

Create Your Own Live Cricket Score Wapsite

Introduction :

Creating a sport's score page is not an easy job because it consist regular updates. If you are starting a wap site for reporting score of a game, you need to watch the game live and update your site at the spot when the changes in the scoreboard occur, So it is not an easy job. The only company like ESPN, STAR SPORTS Etc can do the job like that. Here through this topic we will learn about "How to Create a Live Cricket Score Wap site" With Automated Score updating option.

Advantages Of Creating a Live Cricket Score Wapsite :

By creating a Live Cricket Score wapsite your visitor's can quickly check the latest score of cricket matches. The administrator doesn't need to update the page for changing the score and new's, The script will automatically update the score. It is not necessary for Mysql database or Phpmyadmin option to install this script on your server, you only need a Php program supported server. You can put advertisement banners on this script, and you can generate some money from it.

Live Demo: Demo Here
Download: Download Script From Here

Minimum Requirements: 

  • You need a server that support PHP Programming Language, and No database system need because all the live result comes through API System.
  • You need to download the Cricket Score Script.
  • PHP Version 4.0 or above must installed on your Server for running this script.

How to Install The Live Cricket Score:

It is very easy to install the live cricket score API script on your server and run it, After downloading the script. Upload the whole "" File to the server where you want to show the cricket score live.
  • You can select the "header.php" File for editing the header of the script.
  • You can select the "footer.php" File for editing the footer of the script.

Direct Installation:

There is no need for installing this script or don't need to download the zip file for installing this script. Just copy and paste the below PHP Program to any PHP page on your server that you want to show the live cricket score.
$array = json_decode($content,true);
echo '
$array = json_decode($content,true);
echo '

Live Match : '

; echo $array[0]['de']; echo '
'; $u=$array[0]['de']; header('Refresh:10;URL=cric.php'); ?>

Last Match Winner php $rss = simplexml_load_file(''); foreach ($rss->channel->item as $item) { echo '
; echo "" . $item->description . "
"; echo ''; } ?> This script will display Text Based Score on your website, and you can modify it any way you like by using CSS and HTML.

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