Create Own Business Website With in 30 Minutes

Create own business website with in minutes


It is very easy to create a website for a business today. All you want to do that, go to your nearest Web Designing and Software Development Companie and ask them to create one for you. Software and Web Designing Companies will charge much amount of money to build a website for Business use. Big Companies will never mind the cost, But in the case of small startup Companies, They were trying to create a website for cheapest cost. So all they want to do, Find a Freelancer to build their website. Freelancers will create web sites for the low price, but the problem with them was, They never bother about the upcoming updates of the website they designed for the small business. So it is better to create a website yourself. In the modern world, It is very easy to establish a website for your business without the help of Web Designing and Software Development Companies. All you want to do that just continue to read this article.

Introducing Ukit Online Website Builder:

Ukit was an Online Website Builder that allow you to setup a website for your small business. To create a website using Ukit, you don't require to know any programming language. All you want to know to write and read English. Ukit allow you to park own business domain like instead of They are providing 14Days of a trail for every signup users.

Features of Ukit Online Website Builder:

  1. Mobile Site Version.
  2. Free Third-Part domain
  3. Can connect custom Premium Domain
  4. Online Store.
  5. Blog.
  6. Free Hosting.
  7. SEO Friendly Design and Settings.
  8. Website Static Report.

How to Create a Business Website Using Ukit Online Website Builder:

To establish a website with Ukit Online Website Builder, you need to register a free account with them. For registration purpose, you can use your Social Media accounts. After the registration, They will ask you to select a category of your business. By selecting the appropriate type, They will automatically suggest some themes that related to your business.
choosing the right theme category
Window of selecting category 
Select any of the Theme that you like most by clicking the green "SELECT" Button that appear when you mouse over on the Theme Demo.
assigning domain for website
Select Domain for Your website
After selecting the theme that you like most, You need to assign a domain to your site. You can assign own privet domain for your site after first publishing.
assigning title for website
Assign Title for Your website
After the domain assigning process. You need to assign Title for the site. You can change the Title anytime you want by login to Ukit Dashboard. After your Title selection, They will ask some information related to your business. Example: If you created a website for "Photography." then they will ask you to Upload some Photography you take.
usage of designing panel
Designing Panel
At last you will reach the Design Panel. Through Designing Panel, you can make changes in the design of your site. You can customize the Navigation Menu; You can change the Photo Gallery, Slide Image, Slide Transaction Text, Etc. After making all the changes in the theme, You can Publish your site by clicking the "Publish" Button.

Domain Parking Limitation:

There is no such kind of Domain Parking Limitation. You can Park Unlimited Domain Names to your Ukit Website.

How I Design My Ukit Website:

It is very easy to create a site using Ukit Online Website Builder. They providing graphical tools to create websites. All you want to do Drag and Drop elements.

What do I get during the Trail Period:

You will get full access to all the features available in Ukit, So you can try everything that provided by them and think yourself whether you want to upgrade your account or not.

Does Ukit delete My website after the Trail Period:

Ukit never remove site after the trial period, They will disable the publish option and get only enabled the function after the upgradations process

Can I edit My Ukit Website HTML Code:

They never allow you to access the HTML Code, Ukit is developed for the people who don't know the programming language. So if you want to create a website using HTML and other programming languages. It is better you to use the UCOZ service developed by Ukit.

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