Connecting your Business to the Internet

The internet is an important component of any modern business. Despite this fact many businesses in Nigeria and most of the developing world are lagging behind in the deployment of internet technologies in business.
The major factor for the low adoption of these technologies is ignorance. Businesses are yet to appreciate the value that internet technologies add to their businesses. Businesses in Nigeria are yet to be convinced on the merit for the extra cost on internet technologies.
The low adoption of internet technologies by businesses in the country is also attributed to the non existence of internet infrastructure in most parts and even where they do exist to the huge investment required to adopt the technology.
A lot of businesses in Nigeria are yet to have an ordinary email. Web hosting and building a website is more like rocket science to a lot of businesses.
There are a number of ways that organisations use the internet to drive the growth of their business.
Here are a few ways this technologies are deployed:
Messaging (Email, Whatsapp, Video Calls)
Internet connection
The starting point to connecting your business to the internet is an email. With that clients can contact you and you can reach out to clients and suppliers.
You can also use apps like Skype and WhatsApp for messaging. Skype can be used for video conferencing.
Building a website is the next logical step to connecting your business to the internet. A website will allow you provide information about a products and services for all to see.
A website will also enable you provide you contact information like physical address, email, and phone numbers, making it very easy for clients to reach you.
If you want to sell online, you can upgrade your website to an ecommerce website. The will enable you sell and collect payment online

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