CIA murdered President Kennedy to continue US war agenda

CIA murdered President Kennedy to continue US war agenda
The CIA has assassinated US President John F. Kennedy to continue the US war agenda. This claims a writer and political analyst from Chicago.
“The US policy remains the same, no matter who is the president”, said Stephen Lendman. “America is a one party state; a duopoly run by rich, powerful parties. ”
“Kennedy changed from a warrior into a peacemaker and the CIA killed him for that very reason”, he said.” In order to ensure that America permanent war can continue to execute.”

Police State

If Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump becomes president, America will be in war from the day of his inauguration until his final day”, perhaps even more than under Obama.
“In the United States, human rights and civil liberties are being systematically destroyed, while America increasingly turning into a police state”, he added. “Abroad, America conducts permanent war.”

North Korea

Lendman suggests that North Korea has not attacked its southern neighbor. “South Korea, the fascist and Stalinist regime, and Harry Truman attacked North Korea and blamed the country for their own crimes”, he said.
Saturday Trump said how remarkable how Kim Jong-un exerts power in North Korea. In Iowa the presidential candidate praised how the North Korean leader took over power from his father and gets rid of political enemies.

Former FBI Agent Reveals Who Really Killed JFK

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