Change WhatsApp Phone Number without changing any settings

WhatsApp use a user’s phone number for authenticating your account. With this, you will be able to send text, pictures, files and even make calls. But the problem is when you change the number. You might need to uninstall the existing WhatsApp and install a new version of WhatsApp with the new number. Even though you don’t have to start adding contacts again, you need to contact group admin to re-join a group. Also your contacts wont be able to see your new number looking at your WhatsApp profile.

Here is a way to change phone number in WhatsApp without changing any settings

  1. Open WhatsApp. Go to Settings

    WhatsApp Change Phone Number
  2. Go to AccountWhatsApp Change Phone Number
  3. Go to change my numberWhatsApp Change Phone Number
  4. Click to next windowWhatsApp Change Phone Number
  5. Now enter the old phone number and enter the new phone number

    WhatsApp Change Phone Number
Once it is finished, your WhatsApp is now updated with the new phone number. Your contacts will now be able to view the new number and your older settings are still intact.

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