Airtel 20Gig for N200 not working? See how to fix!

If we noticed the Airtel N200 for 20Gig stopped browsing for some sim.

I've received calls from readers on this blog stating there concern about this plan which has been reduced to 200MB

I made some research and found out something new.

Today I would give you an update on how to power your opera using Airtel 20gig.

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If we can notice, in my last update about the plan, I posted about downloading large files with the 20Gig with the aid of a VPN site called Roogen.

Now to power your opera bundle, kindly open your latest version of opera.

=>> Goto

Once it has opened,
Scroll down, you would see a small box where is written.

Clean that and input the site you wish to browse.

That's it.

You can now browse any site you wish to.

If yours didn't browse, kindly let me know I would be happy to help.

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