Accident Princess Diana was put in scene

Princess Diana is possible alive, say the Frisian writer and journalist Linda Udo from Oranjewoud. Udo has delved into the deadly accident of the princess in Paris in August 1997.
She has published the results of her research in the book Royal Conspiracy. Udo analyzed hundreds of reports and photos and watched many documentaries. She has come to the conclusion that there is a shocking conspiracy: the accident was put in scene in Paris and Diana possible lives under a pseudonym in the United States.
In the book by Udo she lives after plastic surgery with her lover Dodi al-Fayed on a peninsula. Udo’s years of research has given her a unique perspective on Diana’s life and the events in the late summer of 1997.

Keep hidden

Linda Udo
Like no other, she immersed herself in Lady Di. Thus, she got a truth surfaced that the secret service, the British royal family and the government have kept hidden for decades.
An American director decided to film the book. Include the world-famous actor Tom Cruise is involved in the production. “It’s all a bit unreal,” said Udo. “Only when it’s really filmed, I believe it.”

Compelling Story

The pitch for the film is prepared by the Belgian director Kenneth Kerckhofs. “Royal Conspiracy is not a conspiracy theory, but a compelling story to be filmed,” he said.
Royal Conspiracy appeared late August 2014 and was an instant success. Many readers were deeply impressed by Udo’s findings. That within two years there is already a film, is quite unique. From America, there is already interest in a book edition.

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