5 Ways To Reduce Data Usage on Android Devices and iPhone

We know Android and iPhone to be high consumers of data, your Android phone for instance can use up 1 gigabyte of data updating some apps in the background without you even knowing. Not everyone can afford unlimited data so I taught of bringing you this few tips to help minimize the amount of data consumption on your smart phones.


1. Restrict Background Data :For Android users, in the Data Usage settings menu, tap on any of the apps listed to show more information about how much data they’re using, including a breakdown of its foreground and background data use. Apps will often refresh and update in the background, even if you’re not using them, in order to open faster and provide up-to-date information. Enabling Restrict background data can significantly reduce your data usage.

2. Disable auto-updates: If you own an Android phone, go to Google Play Store > Settings > Auto-Update apps and select ‘Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only’. This way, your phone will wait until your connected to a Wi-Fi network before it updates your apps.

3. Using firewall to control internet access for apps: Most of THE apps on your Android device probably require a data connection, and you may not even know when they are sending or receiving data. Firewall puts you in control of Internet access for apps, as well as how they can access it. There are many firewall apps on the Google’s play store, but most of them requires root access to work. So i recommend you to download this Norton Firewall if your Android device is not rooted. As the name suggests, the app doesn’t require you to root your Android. Instead, it creates a VPN and diverts all the traffic on your phone through it. This way, you can choose which traffic you want to allow and which you want to stop. When any app tries to access the Internet, you’ll get an alert where you can allow or deny it and save the setting for the future. This level of control can also let you see when a certain app is accessing data for ads and block it.

4. Using mini browser’s and reducing the image quality of your browser: Mini browser’s like Opera mini, Opera Max, UC browser mini etc to browse the internet can help to reduce data usage, as they will compress images, video, webpages, and even the data sent by apps installed on your phone. Thereby reducing rate of data consumption. You can also save data by reducing the quality of images from your browser settings or off the image entirely if not necessary.

5. Manually close certain apps: Some data-hungry apps that are left open, or simply due to default settings on your phone that you weren’t aware of can chew through your data without you realising it. Pressing the back button when exiting out of apps, instead of the home button, will close down your apps. However for certain apps such as GPS (maps), video or audio streaming (Youtube, Rdio, ) or Skype go to Settings; Application, Manage Applications ; Running, then open the app you wish to close and tap on FORCE STOP or FORCE CLOSE depending on your phone’s choice of words.

Hope this helps, kindly share!

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