5 Steps to Increase Your Uc Browser Union Wapsite Earnings

Increase Your Uc-Browser Union Earnings

Introduction :

Some wap site has higher impression and clicks getting to their wap site, But their earnings will be less. It happening because of many reasons, Sometimes it may happen because of the country traffic, because of non-organic traffic Etc. Here on this topic you will learn about some of the major steps to increases your wap site earnings.

Country Based Traffic:

Uc-Browser ads not only showing Uc-browser ads. It will show the different type of ads of different companies.  The company's which advertise their ads through Uc-browser may be targeted to a specified region or location to show their ads. If your wap site has higher visitors from the targeted ad area, Your wap site will get higher earnings. 

Which Country Gave More Earning:

Here I am going to list some of the major Country's which advertisers are always targeting and pay more for both CPC & CPM. Almost every Ad Networks will pay higher CPM earnings for 1 & 2 Country's listed below.
  1. United State of America - For all Ad-network.
  2. United Kingdom - For all Ad-network.
  3. Indonesia - For only Uc-browser ads.
  4. India - For only Uc-browser ads.
  5. China - For only Uc-Browser ads.

How to Get Country's Based Traffic to My Wap Site:

Getting Country's based traffic to a wap site is not an easy job. Almost every people depended upon Google Search Engine for searching contents. So you must add your wap site to Google Search Engine to get traffic from the different country. 
By adding your wap site to Google Search Engine will increase your Organic traffic. But you need to add contents that are useful to the country you were targeting . 
Example: If you are looking to get traffic from the country India. You must need to add the downloading contents that are useful for Indian people. 

By Tracking Your Wapsite Visitor:

Track Your Wapsite Visitor Using Statcounter
Use Tracking code to know the taste your visitors. Some site like StatCounter allows you to track your wapsite visitors. By tracking visitors, you will get their complete details such as the following.
  • How they come to your wap site.
  • Which keyword they preferred to visit your wap site from Search Engines.
  • Device they used to visit your wap site.
By getting all this details, you can improve your website's + Its traffic + Earnings. You can also refer our Wap site SEO Tutorial to increase your wap site Traffic.

By Changing Your Uc-Browser Ad code to Javascript Ad-code:

The Uc-Browser Union no longer support HTML Ad-code because of many reasons, So it is better to use Uc-Browser Javascript Ad code to show ads on your Wap site. To switch from Html Ad code to Javascript Ad-code, you need to do the following Configuration on your Uc-Browser Union A/c.
Log in to Uc-Browser Union > Management > Promotional Material > Click on the Ad Code button of your wap site Ad Code > Click on the JS+Html Code > Copy & Replace the old Html Ad Code .
By changing the Ad Code to the Java + Html will increase your earning quickly.

By Placing 5 Ads In One Page: 

By placing 5 Uc-Browser Union ads also, you can increase your earnings. The Uc-Browser Union allow you to add maximum 5 Ads per a page. Don't add more than 5 Ads per a page, It will cause you for suspension. 
I hope you well enjoyed this article ... If you have any suggestion and comments about this article, use the following comment box that given below this article.  

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