38 simple ways to attract RSS subscribers

RSS is the easy way to get showcase your blog to your visitor. There are several applications to view this RSS feed, but all that matters is the users or visitors. Most professional bloggers like their RSS readers and they appreciate it. Every blogger checks each day, if his RSS visitors are doubled or tripled and also to find the reach of his posts. Knowing how to attract subscribers is something that people who earn an online advertising degree know how to do and something that bloggers can easily learn to do. Previously gaining RSS subscribers were easy, but now visitors have become more choosy. So lets get wrapped and follow these simple easy rules to attract RSS subscribers.

    Show case a BIG RSS icon, and let it be flashy as possible.
    Remember display the RSS icon on every other page or if possible even every post, let be the RSS icon big and easily recognizable.
    Use catchy words to attract visitor, like "Get subscribed and get free Goodies!".
    Blog about this, ask your own visitors to get subscribed. Give them reasons why should they subscribe and that's it.
    Offer email and socail media subscription.
    Make the confirmation steps to subscription as simple and minimum as possible.
    Promote popular RSS readers and offer them your subscription.
    Make sure that the subscribers are intact, and are still subscribed.
    Stick to your humourous post and let it be creative enough, so that visitors are still subscribed to your blog.
    Publish unique posts consistently and frequently.
    Don't over publish your posts, limit your number of post per day.
    Write treasurous content, so that people can gain treasure from you for free.
    Stick to your niche and category, if you keep wandering your topics, people might feel this isn't their type.
    Try and use RSS links of your blog when you are commenting.
    Start with a contest as "Suggest to your friends by subcribing through RSS, and win exciting prizes!"
    Write Guest post on various others blogs in the same niche.
    Treat the new subscribers as "Mark Zukerburg", treat them well and once impressed you are through.
    Provide an option of subscription through social bookmarking sites.
    Tell people more about "What is RSS?"
    Have a great looking subscription page, so that people are impressed and attracted.
    Drive traffic through PPC(pay-per-click) like Google Adwords.
    Write an eBook, ask people to subscribe inorder to download it.
    Launch a email newsletter through varioud feed agencies. Popular ones are FeedBurner and Aweber.
    Offer people full feed and let it be briefly.
    Show number of people subscribed, and get more people from it.
    Offer breaking and future and conspiracy news.
    Remember that subscribing is free, publicize this "Free" word with your subscription.
    Use pop-ups to encourage people to get subscribed.
    Have a animated RSS icon for more attraction.
    Submit to various other Feed directories for more popularity and recognition.
    Offer a comment feed.
    Offer individual category feed.
    Check on your feed regularly.
    Ask politely to unsubscribed people, as to what made them unsubscribe.
    Use interfeed promotion, display your RSS link on other good blogs.
    Ask your friends to recommend your site and ask them to tell other about free RSS subscription.
    Start something in serial post and so that people are still subscribed.
    Write some thing funny and humourous to laugh about it.

Do share if you have some better ways to attract people. So if you read this completely then don't forget to subscribed to my email subscription of my blog.

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