What You Should Know About Infinix Zero 2 #TheNextHero

Yesterday, Inifinix mobile got us all hooked on their Facebook fanpage with a post that read “Ready for #TheNextHero?”.
Infinix teaser facebook post
Now, information getting to our stables confirm the smartphone brand is coming up with a new android device based off the Infinix Zero. This smartphone as you would expect would come to correct the flaws on it’s predecessor, the Inifinix Zero and would probably follow the same nomenclature, but this time with the number 2 appended.
The Infiniz Zero 2 according to various leaks found across the web from popular Nigerian forums and blogs like Nairaland and Geekng suggest that this device comes with a better battery life, faster processor and larger ROM.
Another amazing feature is the fact that this device would sport a nice tough plastic know as Kevlar instead of the glass cover found on the former.
The Infinix Zero 2 with Kevlar plastic
So far so good, that’s all I could gather about this device. I would definitely keep you updated with a review and specifications of the Infinix Zero 2 when it’s finally out.

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